Monday, January 29, 2018

The Walmart Blues

Daybreak from around the world from the NY Times.

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Absolutely beautiful.

New York City, Los Angeles (goodbye Jerry Brown, I agree with your bullet train, must move forward, Mumbai, Beijing, Mexico City. Look at the huge palace. Dunno what they do there.

Today after my stint at Adult Daycare, Ellen and I drove to Walmart on Jacksonville Road to buy me a printer.

We got lots of other stuff, too.

When I went to pay with my credit card, Susan, who looked like the late Cel Savino, who lived next to Mom, said, that'll be something like $19.

Gee, that was cheap I said.

Then I realized.....the new printer was in the cart.

At this moment I cannot find the receipt, but I know it will turn up.


If it's true that 'everyone hates Walmart,'
why do we shop there?

Walmart has everything. Scotch tape,
warm socks, rows of rows of
sneakers, boots, and hats
for the winter. Inventory
I think it's called.

I bought frozen fruit, strawberries
and bananas, I'd eat for
dessert, while wondering
how the new printer would work.

Robert helped me find it and
laid it down gently on its
side as if it were a newborn babe.

The cart was heavy and wobbled
like an old lady at Castor and
Cottman coming home from
the corner store.

My legs killed me when I got home.
These legs are not young, but
they're all I have and they've
gotta last a long long time.

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