Thursday, October 13, 2016

Are you kidding me CC?

My friend CC asked me to start a support group at her church.

Are you kidding me, I said on her answering machine. She and her husband are out at the Hawk Watch somewhere.

Image result for hawk watch nj

It would take me 40 minutes to get down there and 40 minutes back.

Figured I must've wrin something about starting a support group on me blog, so I referred it to her.

View it here.

Most people who have asked me how to start a group have great intentions but have never done it.

Went for more physical therapy about my hip. Ann is very good. She gave me new exercises to do. Just did em at Scott's, down on his living room carpet.

Today Bob Dylan, 75, won the Nobel Prize for Literature. View it here.

Already there's a column in the Times saying why he should not have gotten the award.

My sister Donna discovered Dylan in our family. She actually saw him once or twice when she lived in the Village.

I've always been a tremendous fan.

I had very vivid dreams last nite.

Dreamt that neither Trump nor Hillary - yay Hillary - won the election. Twas a woman from The Green Party.... Jill Stein.

Image result for presidential candidate green partyo

 That's it for now. Gotta go upstairs and work on my story about MIAW. Why is it so difficult? 

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