Saturday, April 30, 2016

Little Nothings - The Straight Story directed by David Lynch - The Last Night of April

 Here's my Heavenly Ham. Scott came over to tell me it was the most delicious ham he's ever had. Half a lb cost about $7.
 Couldn't wait to try on my new socks. They were wet when I put em on but have dried now. Comfy!!!
Scene from the film The Straight Story. Here's Alvin Straight counting up his rolled up money. The 1999 film was directed by David Lynch, but don't expect any Lauras in it with flies swarming on her dead body.

We do have counter scenes, tho. And the FACES in this film are all so interesting. Not movie star faces.

 Cissy Spacek was real good.
She and her daddy, Alvin, were both smokers. He smoked cee-gars.

HarryDeanStanton-1.jpg  Henry Dean Stanton played brother Lyle Straight. Henry was born in 1926.

The dialog was perfect. I paid attention to it since I write dialog in my short stories. And there were so many quiet moments. Not sure if our modern movies believe in silence.... God forbid, the viewers might get bored and check their smart phones.

 Alvin is sitting outside on the property of a kind man who took him in. The man and his wife love each other and were kissing and petting in their kitchen. Lovely scene.
This is the Dave Brubeck album I checked outa the libe. "Just Me."



In the waning hours of April
I sit by the screen door
the sky a cool blue
the smell of BBQ
tickling my tongue

Dave Brubeck's notes
tumble through the
living room as the
tough green orchid
leaves, shaped like a
Y, and the fading
cyclamen, whose
flowers feel like
cool sheets

nod in silence.

The birds have
vanished and
make no sound

but the tall towering
trees with leaves
so deliciously
green you want
them in your salad

protect us all.

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