Friday, May 23, 2014

Dinner at Mom's - My nephew Al Pomper is special guest - New Directions mini-documentary

 My upstairs office where I do most of my writing. Why? B/c I have "doc" rathan "doc.x" which is preferred by most of the lit mags I submit to.

A couple of days ago I was notified that two of my works will be published. "The Nap" had been rejected by five lit mags and I was ecstatic to read that one - Mused or BellaDonna - had accepted it.

It's the story about when I was on lithium and was exhausted and had to take a nap right in the middle of seeing a therapy client.

The second story was fiction - "Good Morning, Mrs. Washington" - about a woman who woke up from a six-week coma. I met such a woman at Einstein and she told me her story. I simply embellished it. And made up things. Great fun!

See the purple rhododendron in my office? It's from Scott's back yard. Why did it take me 15 yrs to put cheerful flowers on my desk?

My nephew Al Pomper, son of my sister Amy of Eugene, OR, is in town. Loveable Al recently returned from 5 months in the country of Columbia, where he did many things, including teach English and work on a farm.

The first question I asked him was, Were you in danger?


Alex majored in photography in college and is hoping to get a job in that field. First, tho, he'll travel some more. Next stop: Japan. A couple of his friends are in a band and will play in Japan. They asked Al to go along.

 Ellen is serving her delicious quiche.
 Above are mom's sweet n sour meatballs. Yum!

 Donna was there but wouldn't let me photograf her, so here she is at my place.
 Our vegetarians Matt and Jade had the quiche and asparagus that came from one of the many asparagus fields in New Jersey. There was also a raw veggie platter with scrumptious tiny cukes.
 Al brought this exquisite dessert from Whole Foods. The custard base was topped with fresh fruit. Me, diabetic that I am, had a small slice.

 Ellen, can you get out the ice cream please? I wanna do right by mom's incredible brownies. Here's my sister Donna in a truly beautiful outfit.

Ellen's decaf was delicious. Clear cups are my favorite.
 I told Al and Jade n Matt that I'd put their pix in my "Stock Photo File." Just made up a new folder called "Family."
 Jade has a job as an ecologist. She loves it. Mom told me her company is sending her to NYC where a new high-rise will go up. Her job is to monitor whether they're in compliance with environmental standards. My mom is so proud of her granddaughter!

Jade and Matt are celebrating their second anniversary. She's taking the day off and they're making plans.
 Larry Kirschner brought me the finished video of New Directions. It's quite good but as we watched on Ellen's laptop in the living room, there were two glaring errors that I'll have him correct. Both my fault since I was the one who made up the captions.
 Linda read her poem "Lobsters" and the caption reads "Many people with bipolar and depression are very creative."

 When Judy Kroll hears herself on the video she'll crow with pride.

 Here's attorney Ron Abrams who emphasizes, as the caption reads, The Importance of Exercise.
 You can barely see his award-winning photograph here. It shows up well in the video.
 Here I am introducing Carole Hodges from our Loved Ones' Group.
 Carole is a retired principal.

Here's Jane, Linda's mom. In the vid, I said that she and Linda have one of the best mom and dtr relationships of anyone I know.
 Ada was diagnosed when she was 16. The caption should read, "Little info was available in the 1960s." Thanks, Ellen, for pointing that out.

 Here's Keith who says, "Stay on your meds if they're working." We miss him. He moved to NH to be with his family.
 "Pennypack Trust Creek Cleanup," a yearly tradition, as is the Compass below.
The video was produced when I was wearing contact lenses. I've gotta wear eyeglasses for a month - no contacts - as I'm gonna get cataract surgery. It's necessary for my eyes to return to their original shape, not pressed down by the contact lenses.

Here's a photo a friend took at a New Directions meeting. I'm wearing earrings designed by my neighbor Elaine Klawans.

The young people drove back to New Hope. They wanted to get there before the golf-ball-sized hail storm that is predicted. Dyou think it really hailed?

I showed Jade the audio book I'm listening to.The World Without Us by Alan Weisman.

Oh, I love that, said Jade. It's about a world without man and what would become of our once pristine planet before we ruined it.Everything would rot and Nature would take over. Meanwhile, we'll be colonizing the Moon arguing over who lives where.

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