Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Happiest Day of Her Life, says Tracey, the radiant bride

The Joseph Ambler Inn in North Wales, PA
Scott and I prepare to leave home
 Scott worked on a guy's car. For payment, the guy gave him an Armani suit. Scott has worn it four times.
Before leaving, I wondered, "Where on my body will I inject my heroin? Oops, I mean my insulin." I decided to use my arm instead of my belly.

Marshall Stone, father of the groom. Mark does resemble his dad.
Phyllis Stone, mother of the groom. Phyllis and I were talking about the importance of nature in our lives. She said they have a house in the Adirondacks and see deer, beaver, otter and other animals.

Let's find a photo of a cabin in the Adirondacks

We've invited Wiki to the wedding.

Hello Wiki, might you tell us a little about the Adirondacks?

Sure, Ruthie, says Wiki in a high squeaky voice:
The Adirondack Mountains are an unusual geological formation located in the northeastern lobe of Upstate New York

Unlike other mountain ranges that run along fault lines, the Adirondack mountains resemble a dome. They were formed by recent uplift that has exposed previously deeply buried and ancient rocks more than a billion years old.
Two doves sat atop the cake. Helen said the icing was made with fondant. For further reading, click here.

Tracey's stepmom Teresa. She and Tracey's dad, Robert, live in Cape May and were not affected by the hurricane.
We sat at Table 10. Here are the Kirschners and Tina, who's an educator with a doctorate degree. "Dr Tina and Mr David Rivoire" read their place card.

David is orig. from northern Louisiana but has no accent. He worked in communications and was taught the 'proper' way to speak. He worked on The Today Show in some capacity.

And, he's also a realtor. I recognized the name of the company since it's the same one that sold the "Norman Fisher House" designed by Louis Kahn in Hatboro.

The music was so loud I only pretended to hear what people were saying.

Tina and David are first-time grandparents to Dre, named after a rapper. Like his wife - and he certainly does - David works as a teacher to students who have done very poorly, giving them a second and third chance to get thru school.

They met Mark, the groom, when he used to frequent a restaurant in Fort Washington where Tina was a server. Her parents now own a bed and breakfast somewhere. It would've looked funny if I'd taken notes.
Everyone at our table was in a great mood: Ellen, Marla and Linda. Marla is also a teacher in Philadelphia. Ellen used to teach HR at DeVries University but

they closed down that department... not enuf students. Her knowledge of HR is huuuuuge. Ellen, I said, show me your gorgeous blue nails. I was wearing my gorgeous pink nails. Ellen said she had gel polish, which lasts for two weeks.

Look it up on the Internet, I said. It's bad for your health.

People stood atop chairs to watch the newlyweds dance on the wooden dance floor.

They'll honeymoon in three weeks in Saint Martins. Sarah and I went down there years ago to assuage her grief when her BF Ethan broke up with her. He said he couldn't handle success with his band and a girlfriend who loved him.

The French cuisine was outa this world! Sarah began her novel, Iris, Messenger, while we were there.

And of course she and Ethan were later married.

Photo: Yum!

Sarah met Tracey several times at some of the parties I've had at my house.

Everyone loves Tracey

Larry Kirschner's softball team has begun to play. They won their first game. Helen looked stunning in pink.

When the dinner gong went off, I heaped my plate. Eschewing meat for nearly a year, this steak looked so pink and juicy, I just had to have some. Twas as good as it looked, as was the mac & cheese and delicious crunchy veggies. In the back is some delicious fish with scallions on top.

Here's Mark in his snazzy tux.

I was talking to Tracey on the phone when she and best friend Holly were looking for bridal gowns. Hers had a long train.

I was married in a knee-length white embossed dress, which I bought on a sale rack for $5. Evan Picone. The dress is still upstairs in my mom's closet. The husband I divorced after 5 years. Here are his grandchildren, which he can't appreciate b/c he's dead.

Keeping the kids distracted so I can Facebook.
Photo from Facebook: Grace Catherine and Max Atticus Deming. Max at 6 weeks old, I learned on FB, smiles.

On the way home, I ran into the Giant to buy Scott some ibuprofin for his aching hip. I diagnosed it as tendonitis, same as my own tendonitis of the hip. His pain is excruciating. Ibuprofin is both an analgesic and antiinflammatory.

We're pretty sure our bird houses three are inhabited by House Wrens. Helen also advised me about our three baby robins. When I said they weren't cheeping, she said they're too young. But when they get older, they'll call "Mama! Feed me! Feed me!"

And what did you, Dear Reader, have to eat when you returned home from the wedding. Not juicy worms, I'm sure.

I had the usual

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