Monday, February 27, 2012

How I Love Houses!

While traveling with Mom today, I took photos of some houses we passed.

This house is up the street from me. I wrote a poem about it called "I Pick your trash, John Leonard, Now that you're dead."
This stunning green house is nearby on Division Avenue. Of course, the green is the insulation, a company I'd never heard of. I'll find out tomro what it's called and will write it on the pad I keep inside the car.

What did I ever see in this house? I wanted to move here. It's the subject of my short story Spanish Arches.

One of my fave houses in Hatboro, PA, is the former mayor Joe Celano's house. When he was in his 70s he played volleyball at the Hatboro YMCA and I wrote an article about him. His wife Arlene worked at the now-defunct Hatboro YMCA thrift shop near the post office. She passed away several years ago.

Celano is now in his 90s. I'd like to pay him a visit sometime.

You're probly wondering what the great music is that I'm listening to. It's Road Movies by the great Pulitzer-prize-winner John Adams, b. 1946. Listen on YouTube.


  1. I enjoy looking at houses too. I always like to peek inside at night (A stalker??) as we drive past and to imagine the lives of the residents. (I don't generally see much of anything when I peek!)

    I remember taking drives with my mother when she was alive (That doesn't sound right. Obviously we didn't go for drives after she was dead.) Funny thing is the houses I hated, she thought were gorgeous and I always disliked the ones she thought were great.

    Hope is your mom is doing ok.

  2. when my dad was dying of cancer in the early 70s, we went on scenic drives. i learned to do this from dad! he worked 6.5 days a week but on sundays we often went on scenic drives - in ohio - to chagrin falls where we'd stop at the isaly brothers custard stand. they're still there!

  3. Mmmm, custard and scenic drives...Simple family pleasures that most families don't do anymore, it seems to me.

    Liked your last post too but just too tired to think of anything to say. Yes, Coach Iris liked your short story a great deal!