Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sarah here for her post-op check-up - Back to Pho & Beyond restaurant

In the Surreal Land of Kidney Transplantation, Sarah and I drove to Einstein Medical Center for her check-up. She gave me her kidney on April 1, so today is 8 months later.

While Sarah was getting her blood tests, I sat in the waiting room next to a man named "Pete." This guy started talking to me the moment I sat down. He's waiting for a new liver. A month ago he began bleeding profusely from the mouth and was taken to the hospital where he learned his liver was kaput. Hep C. Gotten from snorting cocaine thru a straw. He bragged to me he's used drugs his whole life - "but was never stupid enough to inject them" - and that he also ran a meth lab and made a million dollars. Unfortunately, he said, the feds caught him and he had to pay it all back due to tax evasion.

I was relieved when his wife called him and said she was waiting for him out front in a car he paid cash for.

Sarah and I went back to see Dr. Kung, the nephrologist. When he examined her ankles for swelling, I pointed out that her moderately high heels were actually orthopedic shoes designed for the fashionable walker.

I think Kung is a terrific physician, very thorough. He doesn't let me get away with anything. A fever? He makes me check into the hospital. Can't stand it, but it's for the good of the kidney.

I gave Dr Kung a copy of the Compass since I quoted him in my Editor's Corner about the dangers of long-term lithium use. I told him to read the articles about two people whose kidneys have been compromised.

"See if you don't agree with me," I said, "that the transplant centers they're with - University of Pennsylvania and Thomas Jefferson - are not as good as Einstein."

"I'm glad you're happy with us," he said.

They are watching my BK virus which 20 percent of kidney recipients get.

We decided to go to Pho and Beyond for lunch, my new favorite restaurant, on Easton Road right here in Willow Grove, PA. They had a nice lunch crowd. Sarah ordered a Coconut Drink which was unbelievably delicious. I only took a tiny sip b/c of my diabetes.

The food was great and so was the service. I just finished off my doggie bag and Sarah's for dinner. Unique, unusual and healthy food. My friend Claudia and I went there the other day. I told that to Sarah and said that Claude came to my 65th bday party last year and sang for us. We marveled at Claudia's singing voice and Sarah oozed, "She's such a nice person."

Then I drove Sarah to the Jenkintown train station so she could get back to NY tonite. Her friend Peekaboo is having a party tonite and Sarah will go straight from the train carrying her heavy bag to her friend's house.

I shall be going to a New Directions meeting. Will leave at 7 pm, but have lots of time. Can't wait till people see the Compass! Want a copy? Email me at RuthDeming at Comcast.net.

If you don't mind, I'm gonna go upstairs now, ride my exercise bike and watch

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