Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Back to the DVD store

Back I went to Make a DVD to finish up the next round of the Greenwold Family Movies. For previous round click here. What is this? A boxing match? That's my amateur-boxer daughter's department.

Joel had added music to it, starting w/Wind Beneath My Wings."

"Puts you in the mood, huh?" he said. Sure did.

Yesterday Joel and my sister Donna stayed late and began writing in the names of important people in the movies.

This time it was up to me to write the names since Donna FORGOT we had a 4 pm appt there!

At first I just wrote tame captions like "Jon Katz" but then I realized I could make a statement in the caption, such as "Donna Greenwold Cartagena" - showing who the 8-yo child would eventually become.

This is what we all wonder when we're children. What will become of me?

What became of Daddy, was, he died of a brain tumor when he was 59 yo! I have outlived him and so have three of his five girls.

I put some really cute captions on, which I'm not gonna share here cuz Donna's gonna read it and I want to surprise her.

I really surprised myself an hour earlier when my glucose level was 33. "You could die," I said to myself, as I grabbed a chocolate power bar, triscuits, whole wheat pretzels, cran sauce, but couldn't get the apple cider cap off.

When I took the glucose again it had only gone up to 77, so I crunched on some glucose tabs, 4mg apiece. Maybe 5 and went up to brush my teeth.

Look, I'd rather not die, but I do wanna finish my Kidney memoir w/ Sarah.

And, yes, Donna, I labeled Chip Joseph when he came to visit us on Loretta Court. You were practically dancing down the front stairs you were so happy to see him.

Loretta Court was some house. And some neighbors. Remember the adult brother and sister raising their dead sister's children? It just came to me. Joan Schwartz who Mommy still keeps in touch with. BTW, her fall on the kitchen floor that almost poked her eye out? She's much better.

Here's Katy Temple again! Everyone at DVD Magic, as I call it, has their own particular job. I asked Katy what she and her fam are doing for Xmas. At first they'll have a meal at home and then they'll drive down to Cape May and have a meal there! Such exertion on Xmas day. They have a lot of energy, those Temples!

Ah, here's my BF Paul Surovell. I mispelled his name & will have to fix it when I go back tomro. Here's Paul today.

His first cousin Jon Katz, who introduced us, is also in the movies, where he has HAIR.
Hi Mommy! She's to the left of Daddy. That's Barbara Hexter to dad's right plus her two girls. I said rhetorically to Joel, "Hexter sure doesn't sound like a Jewish name." Her husband, Gene, who's also in the DVD, suffered a miserable death from prostate cancer.

Finished watching the HBO series Rome. Three stars out of five. Acting was superb but the dialogue mostly limp. Filmed at the best film studios in the world, located in Rome, where Fellini used to film.

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