Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sudden burst of energy!

Just sent an email to classical guitarist Jesse Cohen saying I'm too tired to mention him on my blog - I'm a promoter you know - but I got a burst of energy when I realized that someone left me a voicemail. Met up w/Jesse tonite at Le Coffee Salon where we all celebrated Otis's 54th birthday. The cake was delicious but even better was the watermelon. I ate 18 pieces and left 3 for the dog. Mouthwatering fresh pineapple sat on the fruit platter. If Scott ever wants to subtly kill me, he can surreptitiously feed me fresh pineapple, my throat will close up, and no one will be any the wiser.

So who calls and makes me happy? My daughter, Sarah Lynn Deming. Isn't that a beautiful name? That's one battle I won with my ex-husband, the naming the child battle. Apparently she's coming to town to hear her husband and his band play downtown. You're all invited, esp. Stephen Swoyer, who has a signed autographed copy of my Bipolar book. You can goggle his name. He's a technical writer. I'm afraid I might not see him again cuz we always meet up at the going-outa-biz Coffee Salon.

Anyone wanna buy a coffee shop?

Private note to Robert Howard: Hey, Rob. I told Jesse to contact your brother at Milkboy's to see if he might play there. He's very talented. On his brochure it says he plays one of Bach's Cello Suites. Shall we listen to it together now? (This YouTube only has 1.6 million hits, she said sarcasmically.) Did you know Bach was nearly lost to posterity? The Jew Felix Mendelssohn pulled his music outa the trash can. Way to go, Felix!

Take a look at the dude playing the Bach. Does he or does he not look like our Saviour, the Lord God Jesus Christ? (This YouTube only has 1.6 million hits, she said sarcasmically.)

The cellist also looks like my brother-in-law, Rich Pomper, marriage counselor. I think I'll send him an email now. Or maybe I should send it to his wife, Mary of Magdala.