Sunday, March 22, 2009

He reads 10 letters from the populace per night

Did you see El Presidente on 60 Minutes tonite? Scott and I had just finished the dinner I asked him to please prepare b/c I was busy submitting my new novel chapters online. Get this! They're sposed to be posted by 12 noon, but my teacher and most of my classmates live in the Pacific time zone so when I post at 4 pm my time, it's actually only one hour late.

Here's what I liked most about Obama's talk:

Firm on his approach to the economy and on supporting his treasury secretary. No waffling there at all. The president is not a phony.

His firm chastisement of former VP Dick Cheney and Cheney's clearly erroneous beliefs about the importance of torture in protecting our country. As Obama said, Do we want to have the entire Islam population despising us? Even if Cheney were shown the facts, if they were presented before him on a golden platter with a $1 million bill on it, he would still disbelieve the facts. The lengths that man will go to in order to protect his legacy. Sometimes you just wish the Good Lord would come down from Mt. Olympus and set the world straight.

Obama has a million-dollar smile and laughter that makes the world sing. The interviewer Steve Croft was right to ask him about his merriment in these dire times, which Obama called gallows humor. It's more than that. It's the joy of knowing he and his team are working hard on our behalf, that he's using every ounce of his massive intelligence to get this most difficult job done.

I have faith.

How would I begin a letter to our president? I mused about this while drinking the last of my cranberry-grape juice tonite, which I will never again buy. I drank all 64 ounces in 12 hours. I hate to admit I was out of control, but facts are facts.

Okay, onto my next brilliant move. I think it'll be to make a piece of rye toast with butter.