Saturday, October 8, 2016

Kym Cohen of our Writers Group Died of Cancer yesterday - Poems: Good to the Last Drop and In Memoriam


With trembling heart
I brewed some Maxwell
House Coffee in the
familiar blue can
Bet it didn't have
a bar code in
our younger years

Was on a reading
marathon, must
get to the finish
line, some 500 pages

All the Light We
Cannot See, by the
shaven-head author who
gives a whisper of
a smile as we
wonder How? How?
How did he do it?

The coffee was
ready. I sipped
from a flowered
cup from my
sister Lynn.

Ptah! Too strong.
I added honey and
walked outside
cradling my cup
as drinkers
always do.

The hours passed by.
So did the pages.
My guess? Eleven
hours, finished
at two in the

Upstairs to bed
I went, switched
on the light,
and picked up
the next book,
The Hidden Life
of Trees.

This was all a
forest before
we came. The
squirrels more
than people know
the hidden
life of trees.


  Here's Kym. 


They came for her
yesterday, in the early days
of October when the leaves
parachute to the ground.

When I awoke this morning
there was your smile and
your bald, egg-shaped head
filtering through my curtains.

What good is it
eating an omelet if
you're dead. Or petting
your cat. Or looking up
at the Milky Way?

How shall I find thee,
Kymster? To whom shall
I make the send-no-flowers

My check's in the mail
to Planned Parenthood for
all the children you never
did have.

No mail on Columbus Day. It'll
get there in its own good time
like the ones who came to
fetch you, a woman and her
legions gone too soon.

VIEW this blogpost featuring two people - Kym and Winnie - who were vanquished by cancer.

ENJOY LIFE NOW before you're on your deathbed.

Does that mean, Ruthie, you should endanger yourself by going to.... guess where? 

 BBQ sandwich made with pork was delicious!!! What dyou mean Jews don't eat pork.
 Am sitting on a bench watching the people at Tom Sawyer Automotive. That's where I go.

Dan's 40th b'day party is today. Will show him the two books I got him..... hmmm, I should endorse them. What does endorse mean?

Sign it, which I will, though I've already put it in the car.

Dyou ever do dat, Dear Reader? 

Sold my impulse purchase - this GPS - on Craigslist.

Eric from King of P will be over soon.

I wanted to sell it for the best price I could get. Too much and it would never sell. I wrote $30 firm.

Gotta figure out a closing statement on here. Keep the Faith is Tavis Smiley's.


Que pense-tu?

Thanks bearded Eric for making me $30 richer!


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