Wednesday, April 20, 2016

PART ONE I waited too long to send in my poetry

Dear Rad Mayhill, I wrote.

Here I am again. Please find my enclosed three poems.


Thanks for contacting us. 

We are sorry to inform you that 1 Over the 8 has been totally archived for read-alone purpose. This means we are not accepting contributions anymore.

All the best.
Ruth - I like All the best as an ending, altho today I emailed a woman and said Good luck. 
Here's the archive. Scroll down and you'll find my face, my bio and my striped shirt I have yet to wear.
I've lost sight of the purpose of this blog.

Oh, to list the three poems I would've sent. This lit mag is fairly easy to get your poems on AND it's pretty good.

The new poems will be sent in PART TWO.

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