Sunday, July 19, 2015

Laurel Hill Cemetery - the GPS knows the way - the temp in the mid-90s

I've always loved cemeteries. As a kid in Cleveland, my friend Nancy Wolen and I would stroll through cemeteries, quiet places for contemplation.

Nancy is an artist. One of her "masks" is at my mom's house.

I also wrote a cemetery story for the local paper which helped me come to terms with my dad's death in 1980.

 Teardrop-shaped gravestone.
 Durell was only 21 when he died. Let's see if goggle says something about him. Nada. It does mention Lawrence Durrell, whose Alexandria Quartet I read years ago. Read about this ex-pat here.
Yoo-hoo! Anyone inside? Queer name - yes, I'm resurrecting that word - anything on the Munkenbecks online?

YOU figure it out.

 Oh, the things I could say about Quigley. There's a Quigley Street in the neighborhood, a shortcut to get to the Giant Supermarket, where all life begins.
 Lovely woman, Ernestine. Dyou know anyone with that name? She was 90 when she died.
 Young George Sims is buried here. Forty-eight years old. Born in February, died in February. Solomon Grundy, born on Monday.

 Here I am near this heart-shaped grave, wearing the straw hat I bought several years ago in Ocean City, New Jersey.
Renu stands near a most interesting tree. Anyone know what it is? Look at that swirling bark? Reminds me of cake batter frozen in place.

 Angel atop gravestone that reads BATES. Sure hope it's not Norman. Wonder if they still make Bates' Bedspreads. 

There's also Bates College in ME, founded by abolitionists

Step right up, step right up, to remember we only live once, so make every day an adventure.

 The Little Family. I can just see someone kneelin on the stone and praying for their family members.
Two types of shorthand:  Pittman and Gregg. I was trained in Gregg. I like to tests my 93-yo mom and see if she remembers these things. Ada's mom was a biz teacher at Germantown High.

 Barbara's husband left an engraved note that he misses her.
 Niquan was only 21 when he met his maker. How dyou spose he died? I'm guessing a car accident. See the basketball on his grave?
Look at the tiny fungi on the pedestal of the swirly tree.

 Whew! Luckily her name isn't Ruth Deming or I'd be a walking ghost.
 Unusual last name: Weng. First names Andreas and Anna. I'm a fanatic about derivations of names but can't figure this one out. Can you?

 We traveled through a part of town where tall warehouses had smashed windows or were boarded up. I told Renu how it reminded me of when I worked for my dad in a warehouse in Cleveland.
Clean up the city! Clean up the city!

 Image of St. James the Lesser
 We passed a church called St. James the Lesser. Although I'm neither a Biblical nor Talmudic scholar, I do know a bit about the disciples.

James is often considered a brother to Jesus.

Read more here.

Did El Greco paint the above painting? The Internet knows all.

Elders in hats walk carefully down the steep steps coming home from church.

Let's have a brief conversation about today's heat. It was very hot today and still is.

94. I love the heat!

I just drove over to Radio Shack in Warminster to buy me a new headset for my home phone. Brought a cup of ice water with me and I wet my head before I got in the car.

You've gotta decide if you're gonna let it stop you.

The cemetery was filled with shady spots. I had a great time.

As I said to Renu, I love being a passenger so I can look around and leave the driving to someone else.

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