Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Redoing my book "Yes I Can: My Bipolar Journey" - Italian Vegetable Stew

Mark Amos of Buxmont Stationers in Hatboro, PA, is printing up my book right now.

Was up until 3 am finishing it. Ada Moss Fleisher was good enough to proof it for me. Of course, I proofed it again and again. Didn't want the reader to read her comment: "moodswing is one word."

I have two photos on the back cover.

See if you can guess which one it is...
BTW, this is my poppy before my gardener Rick cut them all down. He thought they were weeds. Bye-bye Rick.

This is when my living room was yellow instead of lilac. Hello Simon and Jeff Yemin.

Bubby and Max

Scott stopped by after his first nite at work. He'd been on leave for a month due to disc problems. He was a little sore, he said, and was gonna take a walk to 'walk off the pain' which actually works.

Wait a minute, I said, I'll walk with you, and did so while eating my delicious Asparagus-Cheese Salad. 

Off now to Kidney Clinic. Got a good report. Was told by two nephrologists it was not a good idea to take prophylactic Bactrim, despite the head of Transplant, Radi Zaki, prescribing it.

One less pill.

Donna came over today with a load of shtuff. She'll be moving in with me at the end of the year. Parts of her flooding Hatboro condo are being bought by FEMA and the PA Emergency Management Agency. They'll pay for the majority of the $2.5 million bill to buy out and demolish the flood-prone buildings.

I begged her to stay and eat dinner with me, but TV programs called from home. When she lives here, she'll get cable.

While biking in front of the telly last nite, America's Test Kitchen was making one of the few meals I wanted to make.

Bon appetite, Ruthie, you've gotta eat by yourself and pick out those spicy sausages that are too hot to handle.

Hey! Look who I found on FB, listening attentively to Mr Jim's Story Hour at Upper Moreland Library
Photo: Super attentive during Story Time!

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