Monday, September 23, 2013

Guest column on DC Navy Yard Shooter published - My fantastic Cream of Mushroom Soup

Read the Guest Column here.

Fellow therapist Ann Tucker of Quakertown asked me How do you write a guest column.

I told her I have a nice relationship with Alan Kerr, the editorial page editor. I send him an email with my proposal and he gets right back to me.

He gave me a "heads-up" that he was going on vacation next week so I told him I'd have the story in by the following day.

I had nice chunks of time to work on it - an hour here, two hours there.

I couldn't think of a title and said to myself, You must think of a title, or he'll put one on for you. So I said the title out loud - Another mass killer who had no business owning a gun ... and he used it.

So this is my fifteen minutes of fame!

My 85-year-old neighbor, Luke Sanders, called me up this morning.

"Are you the Ruth Deming who wrote the article in the Intelligencer?"

"I sure am, Luke," I said. "And we'll have another spaghetti lunch sometime soon."

I asked him if he'd save the article for me - you've got to specify to people to save the entire page.

He drove over and dropped it off.

Then Mark Amos at Bux-Mont Stationers makes copies for me.

When I went into his shop, I said "It's a good thing you're not on vacation this week." He'd sent his customers a note that he and his wife would be on vacation starting this Friday.

He just called and I'm gonna reprint my "Yes I Can: My Life with Bipolar Disorder" booklet since I have none left. I want to hand them out on our Saturday Program at the Giant when John O'Reardon speaks.

When I was driving, I discovered an amazing band - Ray LaMontagne - and am listening to it now on You Tube.

Speaking of which, I often nap to movies on YouTube. I discovered the entire ROCKFORD FILES is on the there. Scott turned me on to the program - they had reruns on TV, but changed the time - so now we can watch any time we want.

Use one pot. Saute veggies here. Recipe below.

Shopped at the Giant this morning. The mushrooms looked so fresh and delicious I decided, as I picked them out, to make cream of mushroom soup.

I had no idea how to make it and didn't wanna look it up on the Net.

So I got a box of soy milk and bought some interesting cheeses.

The British cheddar had an interesting, but odd taste, so I used it plus my Cabot cheese.


Saute in an unobtrusive oil like canola

Finely chopped mushrooms
Clove of one garlic

When tender, add a box of soy milk - make sure it doesn't have flavor added

When hot, add the cheese.

Serve with a dollop of whipped cream - oops! - green scallions on top.

It was so delicious I'd like to invite you over to have some. When ya coming?

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