Friday, November 17, 2017

Barry Bush, How great thou art! Poem: A Simple Cuppa Coffee (you know it ain't gonna be simple)


Coffee! The sight
smell and view of
the word, delights
like no other.

Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

Marching down the aisles
looking for pumpkin spice
tea for Marcy and Mom
summoning a pony-tailed
gal I would, no way,
grope and fondle,
she did her best but
alas no tea.

Then did my eyes
perceive in a stunning
black and yellow can
Chock full o' Nuts!
Since 1932.

Irresistible, I brings it
home and prepares to brew
a cup or three.

In goes the Melita Filter
into the shapely Chemex
glass container. Hot water
from Helene's tea kettle
whistles itself inside.

When I return, I smell
how delicious it is. As
I pour it into my favorite
cup o the day, I blink my eyes.

Can it be? Yes, the Melita
filter hath broken, damn ye!

Tiny grounds of coffee fill
my coffee cup.

I tiptoe to an upper shelf
where two strainers from
Helene await me.

Now I'm ready. Ready at last.
To see if the coffee's any good.
Ever read Ulysses by James Joyce?

YES, she said, Yes! Yes! Yes!

All the while I'm keeping my eye on the clock. Barry Bush and I would meet at 1 pm at the Willow Grove Mall.

Our Daytime Meeting, led by Helen Kirschner, used to meet at the mall. Too much noise so we switched to the Giant Supermarket, Upstairs Classroom.

What a proud history New Directions has had. We had more meetings. The late Kathy Sharp was part of our group but I saw how good she was so I sent her off to run her own group. Reach Out Foundation.

I met Barry when New Directions used to meet at the Northeast Regional Library. Was familiar with it since my deceased ex-husband and I once lived on Castor and Cottman.

I drove over to the mall at 12:35, hoping I'd remember how to get there.

YES!  Found it and entered thru Bloomingdales. Do I smell like Chanel No. Five?

Went up to the third floor and followed a woman who worked at Hallmark Cards, which was our meeting place. 

Hello Barry Bush! He'd been waiting an hour as he'd just come from his kidney appt at Einstein Medical Center, where we both had our transplants.

He said he'd lost too much weight. He goes to the gym to increase his muscle mass.

Five years of dialysis takes a lot out of you!

We exchanged gifts.

Fig tree in the background and jade plant.

Persephone's pomegranates in the front. My dad loved these!

Barry is a master gardener. He works as a judge at the Philadelphia Flower Show. 

Mom and I were discussing: Is there an Afterlife. I said, I don't believe there is, but you believe whatever you want.

Barry found it strange that many Jews don't believe in a hereafter.

But where do we go, he asked, after God has invested so much in us.

Views on the afterlife are as diverse as Jews themselves. 

Here's my gift to Barry.

Image result for bigelow assorted tea packs
and a free Dreamcatcher that came in the mail, with a striped pen. Barry said his grandkids will like it.

Image result for dreamcatcher

The greatest gift was seeing one another!

Off we went to an Italian restaurant at the end of the third floor.

Oh no!

It was closed for good!

But Cheesecake Factory was open, so in we went.

Image result for cheesecake factory near me   It's as beautiful inside as a seraglio!

Image result for alhambra spain

Looked like a stage set to me.

We asked for a quiet table.

I've had diabetes for 6 years. My antirejection meds caused it.

You look at menus differently - a salad with beets in it (so delicious but filled with sugar).

Our excellent waitress - Kollena - a Czech name.

Barry and I each got a salad.

Kollena fixed mine so there were no beets in it.

Learned so much about Barry. Like me, he watches the food guru Joel Furhman on PBS. 

We had such a great time. You can't talk about these things to just anyone.

I asked to see his fistulas.

He also had marks from a catheter going to his chest.

He doesn't believe me when I say I would not have gone on dialysis. I did get offers for kidneys but my daughter Sarah Lynn volunteered to give me hers.

Image result for sarah lynn deming    

Sarah is working very hard now as her novel is due in February, her birthday month.

C'est moi!

Barry and I also discussed difficult family members.

It's not just bipolar families, I said. In fact, Scott is here right now fixing my upstairs computer which has a piece of New Directions stationery stuck inside.

Scott's a perfectly normal guy, a very hard worker, but many in his family were/are difficult individuals.

Barry, do you know the hymn How Great Thou Art?

He was showing me photos on his i Phone and I saw again his lovely wife Cynthia.

Okay, gonna go eat something now and then go to Scott's for our nightly nap.

Scott and I are having Thanksgiving dinner together as I haven't been invited anywhere. Well, I could go to NJ, but it's too far for me. Mom will go. One of the mishpucha will drive her and Ellen.

Be right over, sweetie, or sweaty, after he exercises in his basement gym.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Oh, look! She's written another poem


Come find me!
I sleep under a white
feather comforter,
marred by pink nailpolish
to show which way is "up."

and a quilted bedspread blue
and white like the
clouds strolling across the sky.

My cheeks are as cold
as a KitKat left outside
after Halloween
and I am interrupted
from a terrible dream.

Excited I am to go
outside and feel how
cold it is. You mean,
38 degrees feels like this?
Not bad. Watch! At the
grocery store, men will
appear in shorts and
open-necked shirts

all winter long.


Since it's Garbage Night, I ran outside in the cold several times, depositing things in the bins basking in the darkness.

For dinner, I boiled macaroni and whole wheat linguine in chicken soup with mushrooms, and then, when fini, sprinkled grated cheddar over it plus parm cheese.

Mmmm good.

Very hard to make out. Marcy and mom Gloria sent me cards. The bottom one, from Marcy, is the old Universal movie studios.

Just got off 20 minutes of biking. Great show on about Astronauts.

What shall I snack on?

From my new short story Woman in the Straw Hat, we have

corn dogs, hot roasted peanuts, Hires Root Beer and a selection of beers in cans.

I would LOVE a couple sips of Hires root beer now.

Glug glug glug.

Image result for hires root beer

If I'm still in the mood the morrow, I can go to Burdick's and drink some root beer or even sip on a root beer float.

Image result for burdick's hatboro

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Poem: Nice to see you Dr Renzi - and yes, he liked it

Says Hazel, "Don't know how you manage to watch, read, exercise, nap, and write so much!"

I also changed my sheets yesterday, an arduous task for Little Me, whipping around those sheets as if they were masts on a sailing ship.

Image result for ronald renzi


First room on the left, said Ann,
Walls of maple, a poster for
exercises to help plantar
fasciiatis - a hellsome

The Maestro walks in. My
feet are bare, sitting as if
I've come to buy a pair
of shoes. Dress pumps
for Thanksgiving.

First, the diabetes test.
With an instrument like
a tuning fork, he asks
"Can you feel this?"

I do. Tells me "It's easy
to feel your pulse."

My pink toenail polish
is leftover from a cruise
I took in February. My
nails curve downward like a
Flannery O'Connell peacock 
laughing at us in a tree.

Bzzzz. Bzzzz. The nails are
flaking off. Bouncing around
the room like tiny ping-pong

Driving home across the re-
opened Edgehill Road Bridge,
I remember how easy it was
to feel the pulse in my

I celebrate the only way
I know how. Wanna join
me at a Starbucks cafe?


Two more weeks until our Starbucks Cafe opens at the Giant. You could smell the glorious smell when you got close. I ate in the cafe.


Winter and freezing weather are closing in. How dreary these dead things look!

What! Ruthie baked cookies!

The direx on the Betty Crocker pkg were terrible, so I looked up the recipe on the Internet and proceeded to successfully make these DEE-LICIOUS cookies. 

At the Giant, I accosted a man in red. On the back of their shirts reads "Can I help? Yes I Can."

Dyou know where the BAGGIES are, I said.

Follow me, said he.

As I said, "Baggies," I thought, what a strange word.

Very nice for Bill Wunder to send me his award-winning book Hands Turning the Earth.

Finished my short story Woman in a Straw Hat. Two folks are reading it now.

Going upstairs now to read TERRORIST by John Updike, winner of every major writing prize there is. Sorry, sir, you didn't get the Nobel. But, as Joe E Brown said at the end of the movie, Nobody's perfect.

   Ya know what?  Maybe I should watch other movies with Joe E Brown. What a face!  Mwah!!!

Dyou think anyone will invite me to Thanksgiving Dinner?