Saturday, February 28, 2015

My life with Christians - Willow Grove Bible Church - Setting up the Room for Today's Program at the Giant

Once a month on a Friday night, The Fresh Ground Coffee House is offered at the Willow Grove Bible Church five minutes away from home.

Image result for fresh ground coffee house This is their unforgettable logo.

I warmed myself up with a couple of cups while the room filled up with wall-to-wall people who buzzed like bees in our ears.

You had to shout while you talked.

Don't you hate that?

Burt Plaster sat down and talked with me. You're a very good listener I said to him. He was just put in charge of a Christian ministry with HQ in Fort Washington. When he was in medical school, he told me, the best way for him to pray was to write.

God speaks to him.

I said I feel the presence of God when I stand, small and humble, before the huge dome of the stars, impossibly high up in the sky.

I feel different in the daylight than in the night.

You do, too, I'd imagine. Think about all the different ways we feel. I felt very happy yesterday when I found out my story "A Light in the Kitchen" will be published.

Burt's wife Joni came around. She is one of the most lovable people you've ever met. Last time I was there, I prayed with her and Pastor Ken Barkley.

I asked Ken what he'll be preaching about on Sunday... something about John the Baptist, I believe, when he meets Christ.

I said I would attend. 

The Compass is at Boggs Printing in Hatboro, PA.

We're still looking for a vibrant exciting unforgettable cover. I had not found it until I saw the digitilized photos of Chuck Greco of Huntingdon Valley.

His studio, he told me, is in the laundry room. When I wrote about Bill Daley, ceramicist, for Art Matters, he told me the same thing.

Take a look at Chuck's artwork here. 

I tried to post a couple of the pix I'm interested in, but, leave it to Blogspot, they came out in the middle of this post, covering up some of my immortal words.

Who's this with the gorgeous yellow nails?

We're not telling.

At 1 pm today, I've got a program at the Willow Grove Giant on Caring for The Elderly.

Went over this morning to set up.

The elevator is not working.

I knew about the employee elevator but the people behind the service desk were SO NASTY they wouldn't let me take it.

Then I asked 'AN OFFICIAL' who allowed me entry.

For Dr Sarah Kagan's gift I bought, with Sandie's help,

Image result for red tulips in pot  Wish us luck in getting people to attend!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Babysat Max for two fun hours - The Busy Box

Dan called to remind me to be at their house at 10:30.

I left early b/c I wanted them to take my pic for the next issue of the Compass. My hair is blond now, which blends in with the all-white hair underneath.

The shirt I'm wearing I bought in Paris when Sarah and I went a couple of years ago.

Mailed the photo over to Rene at Boggs Printing, along with a photo of one of their three cats, Blank. Rene is a cat-lover.

No thanks, meowed Blank. I much prefer a live mouse to a cookie.

Dan and Nicole attended the funeral of Zissis Pappas, held at a Greek Orthodox Church on York Road. Pronounced Z.C, he was one of Dan's roommates at NYU. Died of an aggressive form of melanoma. Read obit here. He was a professor at Rutgers.

Chugga-chugga-chugga, says Max about his trains. I began singing in my fake operatic voice Chugga-Chugga-Chugga and variations. Something I wouldn't think about doing at home in my living room.
 Nicole will finish her master's in May and then, she said, she'll start looking for a job.
Dan and Nicole took separate cars.

I was shocked to hear her come home so soon, well, nearly two hours.

I was having a blast!

 What's in here, Max? He was able to open the lunch box to reveal..
 Crayons! Green, Max. Next to the yellow rolling pin is a smaller one my mom gave me to give Grace.
I only know about the scale b/c Max dragged it out the last time I babysat.

Girl Scout cookies... the first newspaper article I got into a large Philly newspaper was on Girl Scout cookies. It appeared in the now-defunct Evening Bulletin.

I was happy that Blank still cared for me. Blank took the 'selfie.'

 Max has so many toys and he plays with each one of em.
I noticed that after he opens one of the compartments on this 'busy box,' he fixes the 'opener' so that it will be easier when he opens it next time.

Sort of like backing your car in, so you can zoom right out.

Why, I wondered, is he sitting on his book of construction vehicles? Who does he think he is, his father, Dan Deming the First? Who was also into construction vehicles and wanted to be a backhoe driver when he grew up OR a stuntman..

Well, I thinks, he's sitting on it b/c he loves it!

Boo-hoo! I gave this Busy Box and this Roly-Poly Thing to my grand-nephew little David when they came over.

Interesting story behind it. When I went off lithium after 16.5 years, I couldn't think straight. It's like an alcoholic after they become sober.

I needed to train my brain to think again.

At a garage sale, I bought these toys, which my kids Sarah and Dan both used. I took a photo when Donna, Kam and David were here in order to remember the importance of these toys.

Delicious stir-fry lunch. I ate it with "Carolyn's spoon." Carolyn was a dear friend of my mom who died recently. It's a unique spoon with its flat bottom part. Wrote a poem about it which I'm waiting for some astute lit mag to publish.

For dessert, I had three huge bowls full of p/c.

Image result for popcorn All packed up for my acrylics class tonite at Abington Adult Evening School

My sister Donna left this suitcase here - orig'ly for a comforter she had purchased - which is perfect to carry all the supplies I need.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Kidney Letter to the Editor published in the Inquirer - Finished my Leeway Grant with the help of Popcorn and Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea - Poems roll in for Kiana, our barista

Since it was SEVEN DEGREES outside this morning and I had awakened before 8 am, I dressed up, went outside, warmed up my car, came back inside, and set my timer for 10 minutes.

I would pick up Scott from the Willow Grove Train Station, six minutes away.

  I rarely do this. The parking lot was full as I negotiated a place to park, and began to read my new book, 

of course, while I was waiting, I turned off the motor, which also shut off my new audio book

Image result for gilead marilynne robinson  It is marvelous! And b'fully read.

Here's my Letter to the Editor in the Inquirer.


Sharing in a way that's lifesaving

Kudos to Inquirer staff writer Samantha Melamed for her delightful story on the new play by Michael Hollinger that testifies to the complexities of having a kidney transplant ("Playwright Michael Hollinger on the comic aspects of a kidney tranplant," Jan. 15). I'm grateful for the article as it brings up the importance of being a kidney donor.

How many people know that 20 people die each day while awaiting a kidney? A donor is a true hero and will likely live a long and healthy life.

My daughter Sarah donated her kidney to me four years ago after I lost kidney function due to another medical issue. Today, both of us are the picture of health.

My advice to others is to do your research, think it over, and do what's right for you. We are our brother's keeper.

|Ruth Z. Deming, Willow Grove


With trepidation, I emailed in my Leeway "Art for Change Grant." It's due March 1. As grant proposals go, it was not terribly difficult.

AND, it spurred me on to write "David's Photo Album," about my late brother, David Richard Greenwold. I see his photo across the room from me now.

I had told Kiana, our coffee lady, I would write a poem about her and then I suggested to the Writers' Group that they may wish to do the same.

I CC'd my friend Ed Quinn on this and here's what he wrote:

Kiana, Adryn, Kathy;
Baristas, there are three. 
If I get my butt back over there ,
They can serve coffee to me. 
It has to be decaf, unfortunately. 
The rush of real coffee- a prohibited luxury. Looking forward to it. 

MARTHA wrote a doozy called something like Lady Espresso.

DONNA just sent something in called Frappacinoo. 

What fun!

While filling my pill box this morning, I had an idea for a true story.

Haven't started it yet, but it's tenatively called Kidney Killer and Other Pill I Have Known. I was sensually enjoying the feel of them and how utterly unnatural it is sliding these down our throats. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Hot off the press - Poem: Solar Lights - Okay, okay so I downed popcorn while writing it


The walkway leading
to my front porch has
eight solar lights, unseen
during the day but at night
they guide me on this
snowy eve. I pause in
gratitude, then notice
their shadow of deep
furrows upon the
midnight snow

At first I think they
mirror my furrowed
brow, how can it
be I am no longer young
and the two children I bore
have fled their nest and
don’t need me any more

These faithful lights
never disappoint, just as
the sun, whether flashing
with its explosive
sun spots or appears invisible
behind mighty clouds
may indeed have learned
the sad news: in
millennia to come, light years
away, when we
train our eyes upon the sun
of our childhood and old age,
where Phaeton’s chariot
was shot down by Jupiter’s
thunderbolt to save the earth
from desiccation, this very same
sun where lovers in the summer
once lay under umbrellas on the beach,
hands and hearts entwined,
innocent that light years
away, the beach, the
familiar streets of home,
their infants soon to be born,
would exist no more,
they know not that

Galileo’s sun will cool
unstoppable, colder than
the frozen crusted snow
that flanks my walkway
tonight, its deep furrows
weep the truth:
our golden sun will
suicide and metamorphose
as nothing more than a
tiny chip of moon. 

Never taxing when I see my accountant

 Larry McGuffin, accountant. He lives in the Northeast and has a long drive to their new - since August - office in Warminster. The bldg where their old office was had been bought out by the l'lord so they had no choice but to move.

They did a great job making this former house, with a gas fireplace downstairs, look like a spiffy office. Heat was set on 66, I noticed.

 If you have two eyes and two hands, I suppose you need two computer screens.
Keisha, the new receptionist and do-all-gal, made me two cups of delicious Keurig Coffee. French vanilla. Sipped it on the way home.

Even tho I had excellent direx I couldn't find the exact location of the office and kept making U-turns until I got there, 10 minutes late.

Before I left, I made a salad for the next couple of days plus this delicious tomato vegetable soup. I now use a jar of spaghetti sauce. I added lentils and the other usual suspects. That term, I am reminded from Nick Breslin's film review in the next issue of The Compass, comes from the film "Casablanca."

Am performing an experiment.

Soaked this shirt in the tub for the hour or so I was at the accountant's office and am drying it on the front porch.

How will it dry in the 35 degree cold? Twas steaming hot when I put it there.

Ever heard of a blouse popsicle?

Frozen solid when Scott brought it inside.

The McGuffin saw my backpack with Grand Canyon of PA on it. You must go there, I told him. Of course, he's married now - find him, his wife, Leah, and their two kids Little Larry and Natalie on FB.

He told me that Carol, the secretary, is out now on disability. Chronic pain.

Larry and Leah went to the real Grand Canyon on their honeymoon.

He chartered a helicopter and flew over the canyon.

"I never felt such peace in my life," he said.
Image result for helicopter over grand canyon
Hey Larry, wait for me!!!

I sent him the link for my trip to the PA Grand Canyon. It was a bus trip that Scott and I took a couple yrs ago.

Larry and I talked about how freezing cold it is.

 That's why I made this delicious hot soup. Special ingredient is a handful of lentils.
I like eating it on my living room couch with my feet up.

Larry and I were schmoozing and he used the term "creature of habit."

Am looking to write another short story and am thinking of naming it "Creature of Habit."

Are you a COH?  Why? Why is it good, why is it not?
It's good I ride my stationery bike several times a day. That's why I was able to walk home from the Giant Supermarket on Saturday.

Hmmm, ya think I should make my bed and have a better photo?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Got my car back from Giant - Poem for Kiana - Kenny Weinstein calls - Photos from David's Photo Album

And to think, I said to myself this morning, I used to always eat my b'fast outside on the porch and then wander around the driveway.

Why not?

Took the steaming-hot mushroom omelet outside & by the time I finished it, it was cold as milk.

Scott and I did major shoveling while the sun shone. The snow was  h e a v y !!!  Both of our backs ached... temporarily.

Not so my cousin Kenny Weinstein from the D C area.

"What's that noise?" I asked him.

"I'm shoveling," he said. Just talked to him and darkness has fallen and his snow is frozen solid.

He poured hot water on it. Then chopped up the ice.

Ken called to tell me the sad news:  his 90-yo mother passed away today. He visited her last night during her last hours. Her eyes opened but he didn't think she knew what was going on - tho, who really knows - and he talked to her.

The funeral is tomorrow. He'll drive his two daughters - Sarah and Melissa - the two hours to the funeral home outside Richmond, VA.

Ken used to be in the Navy and flew a plane. I believe it was the kind that took off from a destroyer. Gosh, just that word.... destroyer. But that's what defense is all about.

Image result for blue angels
The Blue Angels used to fly at the Willow Grove Air Show.

Told Kenny that on the evening news, it was reported that a terrorist group said it would attack shopping malls.

Kenny asked me what I would do if I met one of them.

"Interview them," I said. "Find out why they do it, find the humanity in them."

"I don't mean that," he said. "What would you do physically to them?"

"Oh, that's right, you're a guy," I said.

"Well, I wouldn't kill him. I'd turn him in. And hope he gets life imprisonment. I don't believe in the death penalty."

As my readers know, I'm always looking for ideas for short stories, but the above doesn't particularly interest me.

I told him I got good reviews for my latest CNF - creative nonfiction piece - David's Photo Album.

Mom just called. She felt terrible about the death of Eleanor Weinstein.

"Sure," I said. "She's your contemporary."  Mom is two yrs older. Good mind but bad legs.

 J K Simmons wins Best Supporting Role for the film Whiplash.
Tonight is Oscar Night.

Wiki has already updated the entry on Whiplash, which is about a band at a Princeton High School. Simmons plays an abusive teacher.

Eddie Redmayne, Best Actor as Stephen Hawking in Theory of Everything.

Julianne Moore, Best Actress in "Still Alice" about a professor with early Alzheimer's


David, who died when he was 29, has a pic of himself above. On the lefthand page is our former home at 1 Loretta Court, Englewood Cliffs, N J.

Here's what Marcy, my friend in California, wrote very sensitively about the story. 

Thank you for writing your highly personal, emotionally charged story about David.  I appreciate how difficult it was for you, both writing it and living through it.

My favorite kind of tea, which I'm drinking right now. Harney & Son. What's the difference between the bags from the tin can and the cardboard box?


 After lunch, Scott and I walked down Davisville Road to pick up my abandoned car at the Giant.
Wore warm boots that apparently were waterproof. The only problem was putting my socks on. As the great John Wooden (d. in 2010 at 99), coach of the UCLA basketball team, advised in a PBS special on him

You must put your socks on correctly and make sure there are no folds in them. Otherwise you'll get blisters. My pink diabetic socks were overly snug in the boots, but I'm just fine, Marcy, you'll be happy to know.

Wiki - One of the most revered coaches in the history of sports,[1] Wooden was beloved by his former players, among them Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (originally Lew Alcindor) and Bill Walton. Wooden was renowned for his short, simple inspirational messages to his players, including his "Pyramid of Success". These often were directed at how to be a success in life as well as in basketball.[1]

This building has never had a successful biz in it since Messina's Market moved out.
They were open today and all shoveled out.

 Our friend Kevin Hoke lives here.
 We're gonna take a shortcut to the Giant.
 Nice job with the letters and numerals, said Scott, who used to own Precision Striping with his best friend Mike Kramer. Sadly, Mike's wife embezzled the company to use the money for drugs.
My car was waiting for me. My mental health magnet was stuck tight on the rear.

Can you guess what this is?
I have a bunch of solar lights leading up the walkway to my front porch.

Couldn't resist taking a photo of these symmetrical shadows.

Kiana is one of the baristas at the Willow Grove Giant Supermarket.

After our writers' group, I went over to her.

Told her that in appreciation for all she does for us - she brings fancy coffees to our table and picks up things that have dropped on the floor - I told her I'd write a poem about her.

"What do you love to do?" I asked her.

This afternoon while at Scott's, I wrote this cinquin for her.

Syllables are:

2 4 6 8 2

KIANA:  The Sketcher

She leaves
home in the dark
sits atop river bank
pen dancing across canvas:  ice-
filled pond.