Thursday, July 20, 2017

Interesting and tragic things I saw on the Net today - Poem: The Hose

Good article in the July 14, 2017 Downbeat about Ethan Iverson, wrin by Matthew Kassel. Talks about Ethan leaving The Bad Plus after 17 years.
Read the story here.


Watched a terrific documentary last night about Gordon Getty, composer and son of J Paul. In one of the last scenes Gordon was shown with Paul's fifth wife, a gorgeous redhead, age 100. She is still singing, which is how she and Paul met. Torch singer, you might say.

Gordon is 83 and very active.  Married with many children.

His face is very sweet.

Image result for gordon getty        A pic of Gordon and his wife, Ruth Deming. Shhh! That's how I got the money to buy my new white socks at Model's. I wear em in the kitchen to anchor myself, otherwise my feet would stick like suction cups to the floor.

Joan and the Bells was my fave piece Gordon and the orchestra played. He said he loved the story of Jeanne d'Arc.

Image result for jeanne d arc

Did you know there's a Jeanne d'Arc credit union?

C'mon. Enough is enough.

How about the Bridge of Christ Being Pierced in the Side with a Spear?

Am listening now to the Appassionata Sonata. So passionate, so modern, so jazz-filled.

Play it Danny!

What a tousle I had this morning with my new and worse Canon computer.

Look Ruth! When you make a copy on ND paper, you place it face down in the Tray with the TOP PART facing the wall.

We do love a good tragedy now and then, don't we?

I read a couple of em and thought, Who, besides me, would be interested?


So I sent them stories, which, you too, can read about

Was this happy and successful teenager pushed or shoved?

Will building a NET to catch potential jumpers at the Golden Gate Bridge do any good?

I asked the group for their opinion. Will they reply?

No one ever answers.

These will be some topics I can discuss with Mom when I go over later to help bake cookies. They're for her 96th bday party in August. I think she'll freeze everything.


Gently, gently,
I water the tiny
green tomatoes
swaying on the vines

The cucumber bears a
purple fleur, and the
eggplant climbs
the trestle
Such munificence
here in my own sideyard.
I swivel around to give
my car a good cleaning
Swoosh! Swoosh!
The sound is marvelous,
Were I Philip Glass
I would write Alabama
in the Time of Civil Rights
Dark chords. Discordant. Then
sweet litte piccolos to mark
the four little girls
swinging on a star, laughing,
playing, greeting their friends,
maybe even you and me someday.
What's for breakfast? I ask myself.
Something brand new, for sure.
Around the World in Eighty Days
will soon play on my audio in
the kitchen, as I scramble up
my eggs n cheese and other
grocery fare.

Am gonna lie down in bed and READ!!! Hence, to fall asleep?  No no no!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Poem: At the Tate Modern and Hello, A Murder of Crows



In a video of the new wing
of the Tate Modern
we rise from our seats
and experience
life anew

Our sacred earth
becomes a jingle of
paradise. We move
from strand to strand
touching, feeling,

We experience the fog
of London. I so like
the fog here on my
street when clouds
descend and the
world looks strange.

Strange. Mysterious.
The minds of everyone
we know. And will know.

Go forward, says the clock.



As I take my accustomed seat
on the green lawn chair
they greet me

if that's what it's called
Hello, Murder of Crows

I respond in my best
voice, as I shovel
my egg omelet

into my hungry mouth.
Just as they feed
their open-beaked

darlings whatever
they've fished up
for them today.

Help yourself to the
bit of fallen mushrooms
coffee grounds and
other detritus

left behind by this greedy
human, who's a lot like you!


I emailed Scott and said, you must watch this video I watched on Charlie Rose. Trump is nothing but a Russian mobster

 Everything came in at once, including new registration stickers!
 Gotta throw half of these address labels away as they're not any good.
Got this LOVELY brochure in the mail. Will make a card out of it later.

 The last of my fab chili! This time I yielded to the desire of adding peanut butter to it. Guess if it was any good or not!
 Best thing I ever did was to buy unbreakable dishes.
At the Giant I bought Good Humor bars, almond flavor.

Fantastic! I ate two and my blood sugar was relatively okay.

So how come your little toe has fallen off?

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Seamus Kelleher at the Sunday Night Masons Mill Concerts

Michael Palin, center, stars with Mayuri Boonham and  Michael Palin, who I've just rediscovered, starred in this PBS mystery called Remember Me. Was lying in bed watching it and I'd left the remote in the basket of my exercise bike so I couldn't soften the shockingly loud bursts that startled me and woke me up.

Feedback is poor on my newest short story which I think is titled The Light in the Clearing. I like it a lot.

Palin was born in 1944 so he's not terribly old, but he is terribly good with his quick smile, his loud outbursts and the threats to his dignity.

After I ate at the Demings, I went to the Masons Mill Concert. Poem below.

I wasn't gonna visit them bc I was too lazy to drive over what with the detour, but when I heard the voices of the kids, I said, Screw it, I'm going.

The detour is very confusing for me. I have the direx in the car and have great success following them but the stress is enormous.

Par example, find The Olive Garden. Make a left after the Olive Garden. Eyes glued to the street to find that proper lane.

Then you get to a huge curve in the road - well, follow the curve - and you'll be on the correct road. That curve is the worst part. When I used to work at Sym Manor, I used to practice driving there while lying in bed.


A little green gazebo serves as the
stage where the Irish Bard performs
he knows not where, just travels
like an itinerant peddlar selling
wares to the hungry in Moldavia

Hungry are we for charm, intimacy,
toe-tapping music, tales of love
and woe. See us gathered in the twilight
of our small park? People amble by the
stage in summer shorts and white dresses,
some toddle forth on walkers
proud as first graders

Seamus Kellaher engages us in music
of his own making. Right here on our
spit of land, an afterthought, really,
from the sports fields, but music
belongs here. And look, they come!

He wrote a song for a returning vet he
met in Reno. He also sang about the
green fields of France where swords
had been drawn.

He witnessed it all. War, that most horrid
of things, blood staining the green fields
and making mothers cry.

I'm glad I was there. As I backed out of a
tight space across the street in an industrial
park I kept open my windows, wanting to catch
every last droplet of song sailing over the
hot asphalt and under the high quiet stars
nodding with sadness.

PHOTOS Please:

Judy Adler look-alive. Ellen agreed.

 Thanks for remembering the trash cans. I broke a pair of sunglasses on the way over and tossed it into a trash can.

 Nice little portrait above. I'm waiting for the Township to call and hire me for my intimate portraits.
They sat next to me.
Very interesting looking couple. HE - his profile - looked like the late Morley Safer. And SHE was prettier than expected.

Seamus, how about some promo for ya?

His website.

Okay, back upstairs I go to lie in my quagmire of terrible books.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Film: The Light and the Darkness - Poem: Driving Down Terwood with Dr Wayne Dyer

Was so engrossed in phone calls this morning, I almost missed the above film. Was talking to Sally at Dr G's office - we were discussing the the four young murdered men - and I realized it was 11:10 am and the film started at 11 am.

I took off very carefully. The rain would stop and start. I don't think I missed too much of the film but the below poem is about my getting there.

Read about the film here.

The colors were so striking in the film. Many scenes were simply gorgeous. Rembrandt colors.


When you watch him
from your sweaty sheets
you never want the show
to end.

He's dead of course, but
like Jesus his message

You can be your own
hero, your own superpower,
your own do-what-you-
wanna do. You can
make it happen!

The road was slick.
If your wheels would
falter you'd end up
in a wildebeest of
thickets and disappear

Tumble down, tumble down
like in the best of the
film noirs.

But Doctor Dyer sat
beside me. I would
conquer this roller-
coaster ride!

Rolling down my
window, I remembered
Doctor Dyer left this
world with a
heart attack.

I clutched my
chest one-handed
and went into
the flow of
Terwood Road.

"Whatever will be,
will be," sang Doris Day
through my throat.

What's for dinner, Mom? The gang's all there,
contemplating Costco.


I'm procrastinating writing a short story for tomro's writing group. Instead I let YouTube play with me. First they sent me the life story of Lee Remick, dead at 51 of breast cancer. Next I listened to Little Miss Dynamite, aka Brenda Lee, born in 1944, who is still touring.

Image result for brenda lee

Also, earlier, I watched the musical GREASE for the first time.

BTW, this is why people have jobs so they don't just sit around all day and entertain themselves.

Image result for grease  Boy, can he ever dance!

Oh! Just got back from Scott's after watching the first of an evening of Hitchcock films.

This black and white was called Shadow of a Doubt.

Terrific!! With Teresa Wright and Joseph Cotton.

Let's look at the whole cast here.

Image result for shadow of a doubt movie     Quite terrifying!

I am sitting here drinking HOT COFFEE which is very enjoyable at 10:40 in the p m.  Will watch one more film and then, with a little bit of luck, start by short story.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cosi fan tutte - Two deaths: Jim Berry and Angie Ruth Walker - Poem: In Memorium Jim Berry

Very hot today. 96 I think. I'm inside all day. At the bottom of this post is a poem about the claustrophy I felt about the day. Pronounced CLAUSE-trof-ee.

On TV is the Mozart opera buffa in two acts.

In fact, it's still buffing right now.

Finally my favorite part comes on. A trio with two women and a man.

Round about then I started thinking about my former accountant/friend Jim Berry. Wonder how he's doing, thinks I. What that really means is, Has he died? He went from one cancer to another. I think his larynx was removed.

Sure enough, my old friend passed away. Read his obit here. I left a comment.

Died on Saturday, Jan 16 2016 at Doylestown Hospital. 

James J. Berry of Warrington, Pa., passed away Saturday, January 16, 2016 at Doylestown Hospital. He was 68 years old. Born in Phila., he was the son of the late John and Catherine (Kehan) Berry. He was the beloved husband of Donna P. (nee Pulli) Berry and the loving father of Brad and Brandon Berry. He was the brother of Joanne O’Brien, Joseph Berry, Joyce Lavin, Judith Cousart, Jill Coogan and the late Janice Romberger and John Be

His office was in his brightly painted basement. While he was ill, his wife got sick. Here's what I wrote about her on my blog.  Skip the part about Obama and scroll down.


A week earlier I was wondering about "Angie." Her real name was Dr Ruth Walker. She hired me to be the therapist of her great-niece, the most difficult client I've ever had.

Angie is one of the most brilliant people I've ever met. She was deeply religious. A Catholic. Read her obit here.  An older brother was a retired priest who lived in Manhattan. His caregiver was ripping him off.

Somehow Angie would get someone at the Quadrangle to drive her to Manhattan to visit her brother. These were all long-lived people.

Associate Dean at Lehman College, CUNY, died on February 26th, 2017, at age 96. Ruth was born in N.Y. City in 1920 and grew up in Manhasset NY. She earned a B.S. in 1942 from Vassar College and a PhD in organic chemistry from Yale in 1945, one of the first women ever to do so. She contributed to advancements in both the pharmaceutical and textile industries, including the isolation of penicillin, the development of non-fading blue dye for clothing, and even "No More Tears" shampoo. In 1957, she moved to the world of academia, joining the faculty at CUNY's Hunter College where she taught organic chemistry, and later and b

"Mother Would Have Liked You" is only one of a number of poems I wrote about her niece Julie or Brooke - she was always changing her name - and I called her Evelyn in my poems.

Truthfully, this is not the kind of blog post I like to write.

This is for "memories only." People who once played an important role in my life.

The exhaust is cracked in my car, so I drove down to REMS Auto on Davisville Road so I could walk home.  Rems is their last name.  It was about 90 when I got out of the car, dropped my car keys in the slot, and began walking home.

Loads of traffic. How will I ever cross the street, I wondered. Suddenly, there were no sounds. I quickly stepped into the street and ran all the way across.

All that was left was the high hill behind Keystone Screw. I walked as fast as I could. Why tarry out in the heat and suffer heat stroke?

Now all's I needed was to find the path home.

Scott had trimmed it with his new chain saw. But....Look at all the poison ivy! And me in my shorts. I balanced carefully as I ascended the path, squeezing beside the three-leaved ivy.

Image result for poison ivy

Poison ivy, Lord, will make you itch!
Gonna need a potion
of Calamine Lotion.


Car's in the shop
me, home alone,
just watched a film
Breaking the Waves

A love story
she, a praying woman
with faraway eyes,
he, a broken man,
CRIPPLE, she calls him
and disappears at sea
An ancient seafaring town
in church, only men
can speak, chastise her
and call her damned
when she returns home
with knife wounds
piercing her flesh
He will always love his
Bess when they toss her
Mary Magdalena body
in the sea
And, head swaddled in
turban, her husband
walks free.

My friend Rem suggested I watch the movie. Exceedingly painful to watch.


In the middle of Cosi Fan Tutte
last night with Maestro Levine
at the baton, I arose from my
bed, half asleep.

There you were, beaming all
over the obituary page. Dead
and buried and prayed for
a man of 68.

When I knew you, my friend and
accountant, cancer had hopscotched
across your innards. What a handsome
man you were!
With a smile wide as the grave.

I'm toying with the idea of inviting you over
for lunch. I'll run to the market and buy some good ham. Once you made me a ham sandwich as we took a
break between documents.

The sun paused a moment at
the patio door.

Cool is the grave
on a hot day like today.
Sleep well, Jim Berry,
a master of philosophy,
afraid of nothing, nada,
not even death.

NOTE ON MAESTRO LEVINE. Peter Gelb, the general manager of the Metropolitan Opera, interviewed him, saying everyone was glad he'd returned.

Returned from where?

This morning I goggled him.

He's had Parkinson's for many years. Read about him here.

Born in 1943.

Monday, July 10, 2017

PART TWO: The faux Beatles Concert and more - Mailman just came at 5:17 pm

RAIN is still doing it. Click here.

Question for my readers: It's 4:14. The Mailman hasn't come. What should I do? Drive to the post office?

I wanted to tell all my neighbors about this concert. Many were sitting chatting on the side of the road.

B/c the band was playing so loud, I wandered about taking pix. Perhaps part of the band arrived on this truck.

 Drinking fountain. Yes, I did stick my head in there and drink! The water is always lukewarm.
 Borrow a book, then bring it back.

The books were fantastic! Funny bc I was thinking of writing a short story about a girl named Trixie. One of the Call the Midwives was named Trixie.
I never read the Trixie Belden books since I concentrated on Nancy Drew. You know what? And I'm serious. I WILL go back and read a Trixie book but only when I finish my John Sandford thriller.

In the car I'm on the last disk of

Image result for philip glass memoir  Philip Glass's memoir.

It's quite good BUT it peaked two discs ago with the Liver Cancer Death of his girlfriend - she was diagnosed by the physician of the Dalai Lama - Glass and his crowd know everyone - and now we're just cruising to a close, like sipping on the last drops of red wine.

Love seeing Muslim women. They carry modern pocketbooks.

 Hard to make out, but just beyond the white lawn chair is a very long shadow of me. Oh, Mary Martin, you were the greatest Peter Pan.
 I believe this woman's name was Mina, but I'm probly wrong. Quick story: When I was married and living in Texas, I attended the University of Texas Library School in Austin. Next to me sat a lovely young woman. For sure her first name was Mina.

Married with two children, she would wake up early and study! She was from Iran.

Ever heard of a MAGNUM chocolate bar. Superb! Bought it at the Willow Grove Wawa with my gift card, then wrote and thanked my friend "Tree."

No mailman. Wanted to send my Guest Column in the Intell to one of our funders.

Watched a terrific horror film on YouTube today called Nightmare. Very tricky. Made in England.

When it gets dark I'll submit three poems and write a Letter to the Editor.

What treat shall sustain me?

Image result for black forest cake