Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Letter to Editor published in the Intell today - Fotos from film Champs - Poem: Poppies

'Recovery Road' a tour de force

Posted: Tuesday, May 3, 2016 12:15 am 
Your recent "Recovery Road" series is a tour de force. How courageous of you to devote your time and resources to the epidemic of drug addiction. The personal accounts of the addicts, plus the color photos, made each story come alive.

It’s easy to sympathize with their terrible predicaments. I was particularly moved by the photo of a father cuddling his young daughter. Their loved ones know the many times the addict tried and failed to come off the drugs. They always live in fear of their loved ones’ death.

I’m familiar with these situations. As the head of New Directions Support Group — for people with depression and bipolar disorder and their loved ones — I know a few of our members have had addictions and, sadly, died from overdoses.

President Obama has wisely chosen to address the “opioid problem,” whose overdoses kill more people than motor vehicle accidents.

As you stated, not all addiction facilities are helpful. Assiduous research should be done before moving in.

Ruth Z. Deming
Willow Grove


Altho the above looks like a weed it is really my red poppy plant come back from the dead. My sister Donna said this is not unusual. Poem later about it.

 You know how I luv going out for breakfast. For a lil over $3 I had an excellent b'fast at Weis Market in Huntingdon Valley, the former Pathmark. Missing is half a piece of French toast I gobbled down, my only concession to diabetes.
 My late friend Jimmy McCauley gave me this T-shirt, saying "I'm big in Japan."

He was to be the lead act in Sunday's Arts Fest. When I goggled his name to post his website I was shocked to find he had died on March 18 of this year. Heart attack while performing at a comedy club in Jenkintown.

He was 45.

I called up his parents - Jim and Miriam - to express my condolences and to find out details of his death. He was a member of ND and I have many fond memories of him. Once during an outing we visited the now-closed  Eastern State maximum security prison.

I emailed his folks about our Arts Fest Performance last year.


In deference to my daughter Sarah, amateur boxing champ, whose named her remaining kidney Mike Tyson, I watched the film Champs.

Got carried away and took about 50 fotos. Subjects include

Mike Tyson - his own website - Wiki  Born in 1966, he's 50 yo

Bernard Hopkins, who Scott really respects for his discipline

Hopkins on Wiki... he broke the record of oldest boxer since he fought at age 49

Evander Holyfield - his site - Wiki site - he got his ear bit by Tyson. In an of forgiveness Evander nominated him for something.

THIS IS A GREAT FILM. Ultimately, all sports films - even if you're not a sports fan - are about the endurance and the "fight" in a person.

Oh, darn! My Bentley and my mansion are being repossessed bc I don't know how to handle money! I grew up poor as a hound dog and just couldn't believe I'd won millions of dollars!

Bought my dear friend Ruthie this truck and paid the auto insurance for her, too, but one evening she heard noises outside her window and her new truck was gone!

Image result for white cadillac truck

 Promoter Don King robbed his boxers of their hard-fought-for money. Most sued him and got their money. Born in 1931, he's 85.

Tyson's white tiger. Scott told me boxers have a thing about tigers.

 Bernard Hopkins. He said, Get yourself a lawyer and an accountant when you start winning.
 Tyson's mansion.

 Tyson now trains young boxers. He's done an about face and admitted he wasn't a very good person but has changed his ways.

There was a film clip of him and a female prison guard discussing what he'd do in prison, after his conviction - probly false - of rape.
 More Tyson trainer fotos.
in Las Vegas. 

 Boxing champ medal.

This should do it for the boxing photos.

 Goldfinch checks out the chickadees quarters.
 A male and female chickadee swoop in and out of the house.
 Soon we'll have new family members to qvell over!


Opium poppies have
been growing
for thousands of years.
From the Robert Altman
film, McCabe and Mrs Miller
a handsome stoned couple
with glassy eyes, recipients
of the generous seeds dating
from 5000 BC

I, too, am favored. An ignorant
gardener cut down my stash in front
of my house. For years I mourned
the loss of my sexy red poppies who
swayed like dancing girls every
June morn.

Now they have returned! As ugly
as weeds, I prick my finger on
the thorny leaf, as I silently
bid them hello and wonder about
the return of these prodigal
dancing girls.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Little Nothings - The Straight Story directed by David Lynch - The Last Night of April

 Here's my Heavenly Ham. Scott came over to tell me it was the most delicious ham he's ever had. Half a lb cost about $7.
 Couldn't wait to try on my new socks. They were wet when I put em on but have dried now. Comfy!!!
Scene from the film The Straight Story. Here's Alvin Straight counting up his rolled up money. The 1999 film was directed by David Lynch, but don't expect any Lauras in it with flies swarming on her dead body.

We do have counter scenes, tho. And the FACES in this film are all so interesting. Not movie star faces.

 Cissy Spacek was real good.
She and her daddy, Alvin, were both smokers. He smoked cee-gars.

HarryDeanStanton-1.jpg  Henry Dean Stanton played brother Lyle Straight. Henry was born in 1926.

The dialog was perfect. I paid attention to it since I write dialog in my short stories. And there were so many quiet moments. Not sure if our modern movies believe in silence.... God forbid, the viewers might get bored and check their smart phones.

 Alvin is sitting outside on the property of a kind man who took him in. The man and his wife love each other and were kissing and petting in their kitchen. Lovely scene.
This is the Dave Brubeck album I checked outa the libe. "Just Me."



In the waning hours of April
I sit by the screen door
the sky a cool blue
the smell of BBQ
tickling my tongue

Dave Brubeck's notes
tumble through the
living room as the
tough green orchid
leaves, shaped like a
Y, and the fading
cyclamen, whose
flowers feel like
cool sheets

nod in silence.

The birds have
vanished and
make no sound

but the tall towering
trees with leaves
so deliciously
green you want
them in your salad

protect us all.

Foliage around my house - Obama on Charlie Rose - Poem: Urges in my neighborhood

 See the purple iris? The rhizomed beauty has been growing ever since I bought it at the now-defunct Wankel's Nursery in Bensalem. Bought it when I had money and worked at Bristol-Bensalem Human Services which is now an upscale housing development with rocking chairs on the front porches.
Went on a spending spree this morning. Went to Modell's and bought 20 pair of socklets for $10 total. Made in China, they are 97 percent polyester and 3 percent Spandex. I hadn't noticed so I called up the store and Danielle gave me the info.

They're drying in my laundry room, or as our family calls it "the utility room." 

Found em as soon as I took the escalator and walked inside. Whew! I detest shopping.

After that I went to Heavenly Ham and bought half a pound. Heavenly indeed. It was $7. Went over to sleeping Scott's and slipped him a couple slices in his fridge.
Am listening to Dave Brubeck right now. A solo tour de force. I learned that word from Rem in my writing group. Hope I don't overuse it.

 Dyou think he dyes his eyebrows?
Believe it or not, Charlie Rose did not interrupt Obama while el president was talking. They stood up and talked the entire time. But Charlie practically had a stroke shutting himself up. They were in a beautiful room somewhere in London.

Obama acquitted himself well about what to do in Syria, about the misled Mr Putin, not trusting Iran, and assuring the Saudis we're their friends. The Saudis who give money to terrorists.

 Gonna watch this film, in deference to my boxer daughter.
 My house is overflowing with free pads - no, not Kotex - but of paper I receive in the mail to advertise various organizations or politicians.

I always wanted a pad with my name on it and I finally got one. Wonder where it got to.

 On April 7, 2001, Sharon Piercy and I gave a talk at Abington Prez about Mood Disorders. Click to enlarge.
At our next meeting, I'm gonna give it away. It's very informative.

 We're gonna tour the grounds of my house. A real tour de force. Also used that phrase - thanks again Rem - for a letter to the editor I wrote to Courier Times n Intell.
 I spent about 25 minutes outside clipping and throwing things away. Soon, you'll see where. Please pronunce the "wh" like my friend Judy D does from all the way in Boulder.
Pansies round the clock tower in the front yard.

 Here's where I throw em away in the backyard, to the right of the rusty shed.
The shed was here 27 yrs ago when I moved in, 1989.

 Daylillies rising.
 Shed is locked. Wonder what's inside.

 The last maple. There were three when I moved in. Nothing lasts forever.
 Along the white fence of the Adams Family.

 On my rounds I noticed things growing on the roof above the back porch.
 Many branches of the akuba - the one nearest the house - were dead, so I cut em down.
 Azalea time. Amazing how everything knows when to bloom, so our street is synchronized.
What's this pile of rubbish? Why, there's a blue hydrangea coming up. I was almost gonna say what's this pile of shit, but I stopped meself. That's cause I watched this film last nite. Directed by John Singleton, who I saw on Charlie Rose, I got the film outa the libe.

Was almost gonna turn it off as it was filled with violence, but I stuck with it to the bloody end. I'd recommend it to people under 45. My kids would love it. It's a revenge film, a cowboy film, only it takes place in the urban jungle.

Image result for four brothers film

 Crepe myrtle looked dead until yesterday when the blossoms appeared.
Dwarf lilac blooming. Also a backyard lilac that has bloomed.

 First year my lily of the valleys have bloomed. The white is tinged with purple. Heavenly smell.
Scott's dogwood and the lillies to the right.

Finally finished the Sue Klebold book, A Mother's Reckoning. Her son, Dylan, was one of two killers at Columbine H S. Definitely worth reading, but quite repetitious and too long. Then I watched a few minutes of some interviews she gave. The Diane Sawyer one stunk. Sawyer, I thought, was out for sensationalism and out/control emotion from Sue.

Now I've only got three books left to read.

Finally found an audio book for the kitchen when I cook. You wanna get hooked on these books so's that when you hear the voice of the reader you immediately latch onto it like a baby the breast.

Image result for baldacci books   While listening, I thought, Oh no! I should listen to something 'literary' so I can become a better writer.

Forget it, sez I. You need something that will hold your attention as you chop the onions and the mushrooms and the fingers.


I, too, have the urge
on the last day of
April, or avril, as
we say en francais

To be outside under
the vast dome of
the endless sky

There to introduce
myself to the
glorious pansies

Butter yellow
sundown maroon and
Lake Tahoe blue

And do

Scott's white
dogwood spins
its leaves for
bees and other
tiny beasts to
dine upon, drunk
with ecstasy

How fine it felt
wearing gloves
to scoop up dried
and muddy leaves
on my long lonely

And drop them, nay
toss them, down
a gully behind
the shed

There to become
one with the earth
as we all will one
day, impossible
to think about
on the last
day of April, or
avril, as we say
en francais.