Monday, April 12, 2010

Columbus discovers America, Ruthie discovers Polenta

Here I am cleaning my bowl of golden-yellow polenta, a delicious and filling breakfast porridge I just made. Wonder if my Sarah ever makes it. When she and I traveled to southern Italy last November, surprisingly none of the restaurants had it on the menu. The Internet tells me it's served in a similar manner as pasta, as a base for a hearty meal.

I made it like a breakfast cereal adding just enough honey to sweeten it. Tomorrow I'll add some fresh-frozen berries.

Was up till 3:30 last nite revising Chapter 10 of my 18-chaptered novel. This was a pivotal chapter and I needed to make lotsa changes before I could go to sleep. I'm trying to finish the novel by 3 p.m. today when I have a phone interview with the newly crowned Miss Philadelphia. I talked to her proud mom extensively who told me, No one ever asked me questions like the ones you asked me.

The story will be only 600 words max.

Okay, now that breakfast is over with, time to get back to the novel. Wish me luck!


  1. I love polenta though I usually make it as a main dish for supper with portobellos or other shrooms and sauce and cheese. Yumm.

  2. yum is right, iris! i've gotta try it as a main dish like you make. thanks for the suggestion.