Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Judy and I try out a new restaurant called 58 York Road

Judy, I said, I am absy exhausted.

Would you mind if I go upstairs and lie down a few minutes.

I gave her a new Compass to read.

Lay down and rested about 7 minutes. My dad used to do dat too.

It works. Judy said if she lay down for a nap, she'd sleep for two hours.

We took my car.

First impression.... what does this door look like? It's actually brown in color.

I parked in the back of the restaurant. As we walked to the front,  I saw a back room that used to be the party room when the rest. was LaFontana.  New Directions met there a few times.

Image result for cafe la fontana hatboro   Look, I found this pic online of our former Board of Directors. Ada and Joe Q are still with us.

The door looks like a prison door. It was heavy as lead.

The interior is very different. At first I dismissed it. Did not like it at all. But the people inside were so friendly and the food so good, that it grew on me.

 Four TVs were going at once... silent... with subtitles in Russian, I mean in English
She had tattoos on both arms. 

I love your tattoos, I said.

Why don't you get them? she asked.

What am I gonna say?

W/o hesitation I said, I'm Jewish and Jews with tattoos can't be buried in a Jewish cemetery.

Is that really true? YOU look it up and lemme know. 

I can't do ALL the work, ya know.

 Here's Carolyn our server.
 Judy looked great, as always. She really liked the decor.

Judy's Crab Bisque was superb!

 Everything is made at the restaurant, including the delicious bread and butter with spices inside. Judy LOVED it. I had half a slice. Diabetes you know. I injected 12 units, the most I ever do.
What in tarnation? Relax. It's Brie cheese wrapped in a puff-pastry shell and topped with honey-dipped pecans.


 Banana Foster for dessert!

What! It's no good. I turn it in, after tasting Jude's apple cobbler and order one.

Here's me own. Really good.

When I get home, I get on my bike for half an hour.

Spoke to Judy D the entire time. We discussed politics, which I am not discussing here. She said her Reading Group at the library pick terrible books. She asked my opinion for some good books.

Hmmm. Finally  I recommended Fordlandia about Henry Ford's failed city in Brazil in order to corner the rubber market for tires. Also the novel Brooklyn. She'd seen the movie. Judy sees every movie that comes along.

Then spoke to Ellen Rosenberg while cleaning up the living room. She had a very interesting day, getting paid $200 for being part of a mock trial. Reason was to determine whether the Plaintiff should settle or have a jury trial.

Posed the "book question" to her. She recommended The Orphan Master's Son, which I read half of. Excellent book. And also An Improbable Friendship.

Don't it sound good?

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