Monday, August 10, 2015

Dinner at Bonefish Grill - Hello "Lionel" - Hello Walter Straus

I made this fruit salad when I ate at 'the kids' house last nite.... finished it off today and added pecans for a protein crunch. Grace, five this month, loved it. She kept looking at me to show me how much she liked it.

Scott and I went for an 8-mile bike ride at Pennypack Trail. Let's see if there's a photo online.
Image result for pennypack trail  Yes this is a bridge overlooking the Pennypack Creek. When I'm about to enter the bridge, I rise up from my seat to avoid what may be a painful bump.

Image result for pennypack trail This is actually from my blog. I recognized my bike. This is at the starting point - Terwood and Welsh - near a car wash.

 Overnight milkweed puffs came out. See the brown seeds inside?

Calling all monarchs! Calling all monarchs!

Image result for queen elizabeth   Not you, madame!

Image result for monarch butterfly

What's wrong with me? I have no g'dam money and I go to Bonefish Grill for dinner. I did get a $10 off coupon from the Internet.

"Lionel," a retired attorney, who lives in the apartment complex next door, was eating his dinner outdoors when I arrived. He invited me to sit with him.

Why not? I love meeting new people. 

He lives with his 43-yo daughter Mary, who has Down syndrome, and takes c/o him. She's a champion swimmer and is at a swim meet in Scranton.
Here's my dinner. Two lobster tails dipped in melted salted butter, side of spinach and zucchini. Lionel, 85, ordered haddock for the first time. It was luscious. I took the excess home with me.

He greeted every person who entered Bonefish.
 We shared this coconut cream pie with whipped cream. I injected a second dose of 10 units.

I ordered some wine and sipped on Lionel's cold Kahlua espresso which was out of this world.

Okay, so I'll have a few toes amputated.

Lionel had taken a cab to Bonefish so I drove him home.

I haven't seen Walter Straus in a year or so. He moved back into the Regency six months ago. He knows he's not in a good way.

Look at these fat legs, he said. It's bc I'm sedentery. This is my Walter who used to go on hour-long walks when he was 95.  At 96, he'd gotten into bad habits.

Amy is still his caretaker. She's gotten married and lives in the Olney section. She has two young children. Her husband is Abdul. Walter couldn't think of the name, but finally remembered. 
 Walter's bedroom. He's on the third floor and has a great view of greenery - green trees outside his window. He's very appreciative of this.
 Here we are in his meer.
 I wish there were some way I could help Walt.
View from the elevator.

Call me, I said to Walt. Dyou have my phone number?

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