Wednesday, August 12, 2015

At Last! A Good Book to Read - Poem: The Flag Flies at Goddard

Image result for i refuse per pettersonThis was on The New Books shelf at the library. We'd read this Norwegian's Stealing Horses in our Book Club.

Of course it wasn't the only book I checked out. I got five others plus audio books.

Had a late dinner in the Coffeeshop at the Giant, which means I had to buy prepared food.

Image result for sabra  and pretzelsFinished this off but could taste the preservatives. Also got quarter pound of Boar's Head Yellow Cheddar. The guy in the line said the yellow's the best. Twas.

Poured myself a tall Coke cup full of ice water.

Then I sat and read I Refuse.

Shocking and awfully good! The kid's dad beats him nearly to unconscious, kicks him with his boots. Finally the kid strikes back.

Mellow music played throughout the store. Puts you in a great mood.

I was alone in the Coffee Shop except for a woman I'll call Carla, who I often see there.

Spent most of the day submitting stories and poems online. Eunoia Review reads everything within 24 hours.

They rejected everything I sent in.

Dear Ruth,

Thank you for your submission. I'm afraid it wasn't right for us, but I wish you all the best in placing your work elsewhere.

Kind Regards,
Eunoia Review

As far as rejection letters go, I rather like this one.

 Image result for jonathan katz
 Helloooo Jonathan Paul Katz!

A Massachusetts phone number lays itself
like a flag across my telephone
Jon, is that you?
What? you don't know? he says,
bald head gleaming
reflecting the light from
the halo surrounding
him wherever he goes

How did you know she was dying?
I called her, he says.
She wanted to reminisce.
We talked about everyone we
knew at Goddard.
And, I assume, but didn't say so,
everyone we slept with.

The former lovers were on the phone an
hour. They won't tell her
how long she has, but she
said, Hold on a sec, and vomited.

Jon's touring again. Stand-up.
Not bad for a man in a rolling
go-cart. Asked me to come up
to Goddard to watch him get
his Honorary Doctorate. I will,
I say, if you pay for the limo.

We'll miss her when she's gone.
We're too young to die.
We're contemporaries.
She'll appear first in
the final pages of The
Goddard Clockworks.
Her tiny dancer's body

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