Monday, March 21, 2011

Kremp Florist: One of top 10 florists in US right here on Davisville Road, Willow Grove PA

Drew Kremp took me around the shop which is amazingly large. You can read the story here, which I wrote for

The story I wrote is the first of a series of businesses in Upper Moreland/Willow Grove.

The store is dazzlingly beautiful and I took about 25 pix there, including several of its classy-looking delivery vehicles.

Here are my favorites:

Drew Kremp, vice prez, who's in charge of the showroom. When visitors enter thru the double-doors, chimes announce your arrival.

Glassed-in chocolates are temptingly close to customers at the check-out counter. Make mine an all-chocolate truffle. And for dessert I'll have one of their chocolate-covered pretzels.

Brenda Wilder works on flowers for a father-daughter dance.

Would you believe this bridal bouquet costs several hundred dollars?

No expense is spared when it comes to bridal events.

All orders arrive at this work station and are then sent to the proper department, such as "funerals" or "weddings" for the floral arrangers to make up the arrangements.

Charles Kremp III has written about the importance of flowers at a funeral on the Kremp website.

Floral arrangements are preserved for several days in this walk-in refrigerator. "Floralife" is added to the water of all flowers which further preserves them.

Floral designer Eddie Washington of Willow Grove prepares "sympathy arrangements" for funerals. He was taken under the wing of the Kremp grandfather, he said, who showed him the correct way to arrange flowers.

Another walk-in refrigerator stores fresh fruit to be made into fruit baskets. Fruit and flowers don't mix, said Drew. Ethylene gas spoils the flowers.

The Kremp building is huge. Upstairs are a bevy of cubbyholes where sales people take orders from all over the world. People find Kremp on the Internet, where they come up sixth in a Google search, said Drew. Here's Walter Ulmer who has just helped a woman from Douglas, AK, order flowers for a funeral in Redmond, WA.

Here's Laura Kremp, Drew's wife, in her upstairs office. Kremp is a total family affair.

Mike Dever is the controller. Drew emphasized that Kremp is a business first, and then a florist.

Drew in the conference room, which doubles as the wedding showroom. The Kremp family originally came from Germany.

Kremp's honors history. Here's a photo of Kremp Florist when they were across the street where Mandarin Garden now is.

At one time, Kremp's owned 5 stand-alone floral shops all over the Philadelphia area. When they bought Pennock's downtown, this receipt - dated 1877 - was on the wall. Now it's on the wall of Kremp's.

Here's the splashing fish pond at Kremp's with an assortment of koi, goldfish and turtles. If you go up the ramp, you can say hello to the two parrots - an African Grey parrot and an Amazon.

Wine nook in the rear of the store. Wine is from Sand Castle Winery in Erwinna, PA.

Orchids and other gifts. They usually bloom once every year, said Drew.

I've always been struck by the beautiful Kremp logo. They went down to Washington, DC, and worked w/ PR/advertising firm Ogilvy & Mather to create their very distinctive logo.

They affix the vinyl designs themselves since a sign company might charge as much as $2,000 to do it.

Their fleet of 12 delivery vehicles makes runs all over the Phila area since they're the FTD designee for all of Philly. One of their vehicles is by Ford and gets great mileage, he said.

Delivery vehicle from the good ole days.


  1. Flowers, chocolates, weddings and funerals.

    You are succeeding better at getting into your community than I into mine.

    Now I will eat oatmeal.

  2. bill, if only i could convince you to write for as i do. i make $55 per article and just met with my great boss for lunch. hope i have a chance to write about the lunch meeting but i'm working on a story right now for patch. everything you write about in your blog would be perfect for patch. go for it, man!!!

  3. I appreciate the interest, Ruth, but my schedule is full and if I worked for Patch, I would be competing against myself and drawing myself away from the work that I need to do.

    I already do too much of that in my blog - yet my blog is a big part of what I need to do.