Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Picnic at Tamanend Park

Our Connexions Group had a wonderful picnic, a total group effort, coordinated by the Israeli-born Noam who honed his organizational skills on a kibbutz. I brought my trusty camera w/me but it conked out after the fifth picture saying the battery was dead. Already? I thought about this new camera I'm just getting used to.

Here's Chip, the "illustrated man" --

Mike was impressed by our roof-covered pavilion which protected us from the wind and the rains. There's nothing like a picnic when all about you the world reels from the rain and the winds.

Next time I'll bring a loaf of homemade bread. Today's bread is Anadama starring whole wheat flour and cornmeal. Yum! I baked it to take to my new job today: Your 2010 Census Worker. Can't wait to meet you. How come you forgot to fill out your form?

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