Monday, January 11, 2016

Thanks for coming to my 70th Birhday Party - The Five Greenwold Girls all got together with brother David and Daddy looking on from the stars

 Miles, thanks for the great card!!!

We had the most amazing weather on Sunday January 10, 2016.

Balmy weather. I wore shorts! Stop n start rain. Couldn't find a rainbow, tho. Grace, 5, and I were out in the back yard and we looked up. She was attempting to chop down a huge bean stalk in the back yard.

At party's end, there was a driving wind. The lights went out a few minutes at Mom's house.

Sarah was up ALL NIGHT cooking at Nikki's house in Clarksboro, N J.

After the party she caught a train back to Brooklyn since her husband Ethan would be home in the morning. The Bad Plus had been playing in St Louis.

One of my gifts was Yogi Tea's Saint John's Wort. It is dee-licious. It's sustaining me thru this long blog post.

Thank you Martha the Hunter!!!

Haven't used my dishwasher in over a year. Luckily I remembered how. It does get things squeaky clean.

Stopped at Mom's this morning. My sister Amy had brought Mom a small quilt.

Great colors!

Can you see these are letters to be mailed?

Very creative.

Amy, a librarian in Ashland, Oregon, made me this quilt which is in my downstairs family room.

 Quilts must be beautiful on both sides. These small babies are on the door in the powder room of my family room.
 This Aztec tapestry is on the outside of the door.

It was FUN showing off my house.

Thanks to Lillian, grandmother of four, for the orange dream catcher, and to Marcy in California for the gift card to Joanne Fabrics, not to mention books on polymer clay and the clay itself she mailed me.

Lillian said she liked my matching red couches. I said I had to make sure they were napworthy.

Scott just brought over Season Four of Homeland. Due the morrow.

"You better have a marathon watching session," he said. They're the best season yet, as my sister Donna said.

 Sign telling people to put coats in the Coat Room - my bedroom.
 Nikki Cartagena Roche and her first cuz Sarah Lynn Deming - I wrote Saperday on Sarah's name tag as that's what I called her as a kid - and Amy from Ashland Oregon. Imagine! The Ame flew all the way out here for my birthday.

Can't wait to go over to Mom's later today.

Onto my desk I spread a pretty tablecloth, a sheet actually. These were some fab appetizers Sarah made. She's been making em a while.

Crab meat, shrimp, and a base of cream cheese on some sort of nacho chip.

Black bean soup is in the container of left.

Dan and his family were in the back yard. Can you see the two bird houses? Our fine feathered friends live there.

 Nicole looked GREAT ... she'd lost weight thru a special diet.
 Thanks for chopping down most of the beanstalk, Grace, age 5.

Welcome home, Sarah!!!

She really worked hard. How I can ever thank her enough!

Don't tell her. I'll mail her a card. She doesn't read my blog. Who has time?

Oh, YOU do! Well, I appreciate it.

 Can you see my painted ladder in the background? It's a storage unit. Plus when I had my kidney transplant five yrs ago, Judy Diaz sent me a plant which is still alive!
 Hello Teresita Pointer (Terry) and husband Moe. Both are RNs which is how they met. Their son Nick is 11. Terry is single-handedly responsible for my collection of hubcaps outside.

Today is a frozen bird bath day.

It's also the day after David Bowie's death.

 Hello David and Martha!!! Lookin good! David had made me a gorgeous painted wooden menorah, which I stored in the family room while the party was on.

 Ah, there you are Lillian Higgins Rudolph. We met at a book discussion group at Pastor Ron's condo in Horsham, PA. He's since been transferred.

 Artist Elaine Klawans on the pink chair I bought from the now defunct Furniture Lady.

 This was a riot! Nicole picked up David. Mommy, said Max, put him down.

Kamellia is in the background. Great parenting produces great kids!!!

Did you know Kam was a chess champ in Ukraine? 

My pet tiger, Richard Parker, was well-behaved at the party, as was my dog Pal.

What a wonderful birthday cake! A tower of tiny cream-filled cream puffs. Told Sarah that when I was a lil girl I used to make em. That and pudding. Creamy things are my favorite.

Everybody loves Fontaine! She recently celebrated her own birthday with maybe 100 people in a restaurant a couple of hours away. What a gal!!!

 Warren Greene, Lynn's former husband, and Jade and Miles' dad. He's one of the most creative dudes ever. Made me this psychedelic drum.
 Judy, you look fantastic!!! Another talented person from our Writers Group. Her mom Blanche was unable to come as she's recovering from a torn rotator cup. Yes, like my mom, she had fallen. They're both nonagenarians.
Another great writer !!!! from our group. He's a postman. I have his late wife's photo -the love of his life - on my "secretary" from either Aunt Ethel or Aunt Marion

Valerie Murphy, Kevin Harris, Luther Sanders, my dad, and a tea pot from Helene R.

 Grace sees everything.... and remembers!
 Helen Kirscher, head of New Directions' Daytime meeting, with Fontaine.
Larry Kirschner enjoys playing piano and singing in old age homes. Guess he came to the right place.

 Here's Mom with her youngest daughter, Amy!

Mom arrived in a wheelchair operated by Lynn's BF Neil.Thank you Neil!!!!

 Thanks neighbor Patrick Kiernan for photographing mom. She remembered him as he was the photographer at her 90th birthday party.

Ron Abrams is another great photographer. Always a spiffy dresser, he's enjoying his retirement years and will volunteer for Big Brothers and other causes he believes in. I have a photo of a guy with a tattoo on the back of his leg that Ron took. 

It's in my upstairs office where I write. I stare at what's on my wall when I think.

AND Gerry and Teresa (Tree) Forstater. "Dutch" as we call Gerry is a big fan of The Bad Plus. Have I mentioned that Ethan couldn't be here as he and the band were flying home from St Louis? 

Tree gave me some great books as a gift. They came in the mail. Fancy that!!! I started The Mare about, well, horses. Excellent. Thing is, I have all the time in the world to read em, b/c they're mine.

Which means I may finish them quickly or never at all.

 Greg and Carole Hodges run our Loved Ones' Group. Scott said he'd never heard that term. I told him not everyone is a Family Member but everyone is a loved one.

They gave me a Macy's gift card.

My sister Donna said this a.m. that's bc they see what a bad dresser you are.

That's my sister Donna!
 Ron and Helen.

Ada and Rich Fleisher with Amy Russell.

 The Fleishers just got back from NYC where they saw some great plays, including King Charles.

Amy's son Harry goes to Wesleyan University, Rachel attends University of Delaware and is on holiday, I believe, in Venice, and youngest Eli is a senior in high school.

Empty nest!  Well, we've all survived it, and so shall Amy and Mitch. 

The Russell Family used to drive to Vermont to visit her dentist father. They moved tho to Colorado ski country and enjoy skiing.

Amy works at Merck. Husband Mitch does well in finance.
 Sarah and I LOVE the Creamers... they'd been vacationing in Key West so we were ecstatic they were able to come to our party. Sarah made her special drinks for them.

They live in Chestnut Hill. 

On their name tags, I wrote.... Tony, music lover... Mary, cat lover.
 Good picture of Miles Greene, who was in the country of Colombia visited his GF Veronica and her family.
Dutch is trying to get outa the way - Dutch, you're a cutie pie! - I think Greg is eating Sarah's pork mole, a lil bit spicy.

Oh, you eat pork? Lillian asked me.

Sure. Each generation of Jews gives up the old ways - unless you're Orthodox - I do have Orthodox Jews in the family - and justifies it in their own way.

The kosher laws did make sense, health wise AND humanitarian-wise for a thousand years. Hey, I'm 70 BUT mankind is far older than that.

 Lauren Steele from Pennypack Trust and her boyfriend Floyd Johnson came. I was interested in how Lauren referred to him.... boyfriend. That's what I call Scott.
The reason she's called Tree is bc that's what her twin sister called her as a kid.

On my name tag I wrote "Ree-Row" as that's what my late brother called me.

My sister Donna was interested in how I referred to David.

He's the youngest one, I said. He was 27 when he died. He had autism.

I didn't say he was the family photographer, took piano lessons from the late Mrs Tamaccio, and was very regimented, doing his back exercises every day.

David Robertson, director of Pennypack Trust, and wife Mary. I was so happy to see them.

Don't retire yet, I said to David. They're gonna move to Colorado.

 Neil O'Keefe and Mom.
 Jade is explaining her job to the Robertsons. One of the things she does is 'forage.'
Here's beautiful Amy again.

 You ain't bad-lookin either, Ronald B.
Linda, fresh from the Giant Supermarket, and mom Jane had fun... Linda wrote a spectacular poem for me, a sonnet.

Mom's mock chipped liver - Ellen made it - is vegetarian-friendly and made from green beans and nuts... either cashews or walnuts. Great!

 Little Mama saying goodbye to Saperday! Am wearing a gift from Melissa, my niece, a piece of blown glass.
 Elaine and Alan Klawans brought a bottle of wine from Chile. I'd written an article about them for about their art collection but I'm afraid to EXIT from this post as I might lose everything.

Linda's poem is on the fuschia colored paper.

My sister Donna knows what I like. She quizzed me over the phone about my fave kind of pretzels and bot em for me.

Did a load of wash with the Tide "pod" she got me and this fabric softener.

I keep a scissors on my dryer as things get stringy over time, so I cut em off. You can also see the ruler. I stuff recalcitrant garments down with the ruler when the machine is running.

We knew a woman - Tia Someone - who got her fingers crushed when she tried to do the same thing.

Freda Samuels and Bernie - we missed you! Thanks for checking in with me.

When I lay down in bed, my feet were killing me!

Now, I'm off to Mom's for another rendezvous with The Greenwold Family.

Hi Everyone,

My daughter and kidney donor, Sarah Lynn Deming, is making a party for my 70th Birthday!

My real birthday is on Christmas Day.

Stop in on Sunday, January 10, 2016,  between the hours of 1 and 6 pm for fantastic h'ors d'oeuvres and drinks. She makes a mean margarita!

Address is

204 Cowbell Road
Willow Grove PA 19090

Find the house by my Bird bath and swinging birdhouses on lawn of my yellow house.

We'll cut the cake around 5:30 pm and sing the Birthday Song.

You may RSVP or simply show up at the last minute.

My phone no. is 215 659 2142.

Gifts I don't need, but would love a donation of any amount to my support group, New Directions. Cash or check is fine. Tax-deductible.

If you're not able to attend the party, please send check made out to New Directions to:

PO Box 181
Hatboro, PA 19040

Looking forward to your help in celebrating this milestone birthday!!!

With love,


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