Sunday, January 24, 2016

Thank-you poem for shoveling the snow

 My bedroom is the warmest room in the house. Went on bike for 20 minutes while reading. Just went up there now to read - the living room is too cold - and will return after bloggin.
My car looks like it's being lowered into its grave. Patrick and his team of neighborhood kids did a great job as I mentioned in my previous blog.

I congratulated him on FB and said I might have to write anudder poem about him.

As I was reading on the red couch in the living room, I thot, Go upstairs and write the poem. So I did. Now I'm going under the covers upstairs and wait till the phone rings.

The return of Pizza Night!


Neighbor Patrick and his team
of daring young men prepare
to advance on the
War Against Snow.

Anti-snow machinery is lined up
like artillery in the driveway, while
the young men – and Bella, too –
frolic in the snow.

Dressed for the occasion, Patrick
wears the warms: hat, gloves
jacket, pants and waterproof
boots that leak.

Men, he calls, in his deep voice
like Brad Roberts in Crash Test
Dummies, the time is now. Quit
your childish ways. We’ve got
a date with the snow.

And we’re gonna destroy it!

As the sun beams down on
Cowbell Road, the young
warriors begin the skirmish.

Young Patrick – check!
Ian – check!
Tucker – check!
Bella – check!
Zeke – check!

With the zeal of
the Superhero
their attack is swift
and merciless.

The snow is conquered.
Money doled out to the
victors, who suffer no

Only the joy of doing their
duty on our beloved
Cowbell Road. Hot
chocolate anyone? 

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