Monday, November 9, 2015

Some writing - some walking at the P'pack - Some movie-watching - Some napping

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Watched a 2000 Coen Brothers movie with a soundtrack that went Platinum - don't worry, Readers, I haven't the faintest what 'platinum' means.

Let's take a listen to "A Man of Constant Sorrows" where George Clooney is lip-sinking for Dan Tyminski

Hey cowboys and cowgirls, I just changed my mind. Let's listen to the whole musical soundtrack, re-released in 2014 with - hold your applause - never before released songs.

Too many commercials! Let's go with the title track.

All these radio words are coming out of me. Hope they don't ask me to be a radio DJ, perhaps to replace the new morning gal on WXPN. Just cain't get used to her.

An excellent movie was The Voices with Ryan Reynolds

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It's hilariously gruesome - severed heads dead in the fridge - not everyone's cuppa tea. Very original. I'm applauding here on my knee on my red couch.

In the car my audio book is Radiant Angel. Okay, I'll be honest. I can't stand the title, but then, how many novels have I sold?  B/c I'm so fond of my Readers, your thoughtful blogger can give you a sneak preview of this, his latest book, available this May, 2015. Clickers.

DeMille loves to curse. I'm bumping along in my car like Fred Flintstone and the main character, John Corey, hurls out the word "lard ass" about some fatso he sees.

I began laffing hysterically.

I only have a couple more things I wanna talk about, then I've gotta go upstairs and work on Chapter Six. Thankfully, it's not Chapter Thirteen, though I remain your "Penniless Do-Gooder."

Oooh, I hear the furnace chugging away. Those little men down there - homunculi, I believe - are cranking the bellows to keep me warm.

 Two more pumpkin cards mailed today at the Huntingdon Valley post office. I chose John for my counter person. Never again. He could not communicate. He led me to believe these postcards must be put in an envelope. Finally, he made sense. Simply put a butterfly stamp on it - 71 cents.
 Impossible to see but there are 4 camouflaged deer in the back yard, including an - aw! - little baby doe. Wouldn't Grace love to have one as a pet.
 Better view of the deer.

I bid you a fond farewell as I lug my lard-ass upstairs to write.

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