Thursday, October 8, 2015

Visit to "Central" a new Creekwood, of sorts - Poem: The Tyvek House

Just finished off my delicious White vegetable soup, white since I used unsweetened Almond Milk. It's seasoned only with nutmeg, which I grated from the big grater my daughter Sarah gave me years ago. Read her new and award-winning essay from when she worked at Grey Goose Vodka.

View of my backyard. The birds were rioting, vying for space in the bird houses and at the bird bath. Then a red-headed woodpecker was pecking above my kitchen window. I banged on the window and he flew away.

Headlines: While woman sleeps, her entire house is pecked away

Cathy Hillman, PsyD, was my most gracious host. I brought her lots of goodies from New Directions.
The Compass, Yes I Can (my autobiography), brochures, and my Yes I Can postcard I send to people from our group who are struggling.

Cathy got her PsyD, the most clinical of degrees, at LaSalle. She loves running groups - addictions is a favorite.

She wrote her dissertation on Why People Drop Out of Therapy. Usually they are not ready to face difficult problems.

There's a theory called "Stages of Change" - when you're ready, you will change.

Central has been in the Pennwood Building since March. The offices used to be doctors' suites, so they were refurbished and the sinks were removed.
 The color is a soothing bluish-gray.

Cathy, as director of the site, helped choose the furniture. She really enjoyed it.

We'll have Cathy come out and speak at ND on Stages of Change.

Here's Ebony, head of the Recovery Coaches. She's on the road quite a bit traveling to see the clients. 

Cathy said they'll hire two psychiatrists. AND, importantly, if a person is having terrible problems - suicidal or their meds have given them terrible side effects - the doctor will fit them in the same day.

I told her how we lost Justin H to suicide, b/c Creekwood couldn't see him for weeks. That tragedy still infuriates me.

Central will house a Career Center and have Certified Peer Specialists.

 Shane and Kelsey. He's an intensive case manager, a term I haven't heard since I worked at the now-defunct Bristol-Bensalem Human Services. Kelsey is a Recovery Coach, I believe.
 The door to Central.

The Fourjay Foundation "sunsetted" its operation, wrote one of the directors, Susan Tressidor.

I'm gonna "sunset" this laptop b/c it keeps freezing. I'll run it over to Classic Computers and pay a fortune to get it fixed, but what choice do I have?

Scurrying along the brick sidewalk after I left was AN ANT.  He was as busy as we were. Every creature has a purpose.

 Pennwood Building.

 I told Cathy I can see what a great therapist she is, excellent listening skills. We both  learned skills from the Irvin D Yalom, MD,  Group Psychotherapy book.

He's in his mid-80s now and has been quite ill, but keeps on writing his books, including novels.

Off I go!

Hi, I'm back. Thanks for waiting on the line.

Joe of Classic Computers told me the problem was with Comcast.  So I shut off the computer for 30 seconds and all is well!

Heard on the PBS New Hour that today is NATIONAL POETRY DAY.

Am gonna compose a quick poem now.


As I walk beneath the stars,
my evening romp around the block,
my eyes alight on a Tyvek House,
the blue wrapping, like a Christmas
ribbon, seems a fabulous gift
for the family who lives there.

The Tilghman boys do the
work by day. I hear their
hammering, and the hiss of the
dump truck as it deposits
rocks onto the sidewalk with
a steady staccato.

The house calls to the peekaboo moon:
I am here, evolving every
day, like the newborn I
once was.

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