Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hatboro Historic Walk - Hatboro is 300 Years Old - Visit to the Demings

 Was at the Demings tonight - Hello Grace - to learn how to download the photos on my iPhone.


 Tour began at the Hatboro Union Library. I parked on the street - free on Sundays - the interior of the library was jampacked.

 Harriet the director gave a history of the Hatborough Union Library.

In existence since 1755, the Union Library of Hatboro is the third oldest library in Pennsylvania and the second oldest to be operating under the original charter.

A number of plaques are on the outside of the Georgian-style library.

I like to read the names of people who once lived around here.
This memorial bench has a quote from Cicero - "If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need."
Two major additions have been built onto the library. For many years the librarian lived in a small house attached to the library.
Huge windows at side of library.
On the way back from the tour I took photos of some houses that have been turned into businesses. Look at the dormers above.
This one is shaped like a barn.

OMNIA Group of Architects.

We went into the Miller House below. I took a photo of a huge creek running to the side of this meadow. It didn't come out.

Here's a wreath on the door of the Miller House, which is being refurbished. We stood in the Ballroom, where at one time the entire town of Hatboro fit inside. 

We had a few re-enacters who dressed in period costumes.

Standing up for long periods of time while the docents spoke absolutely killed my feet. I knew I was gonna leave early.

Hadn't realized I pushed the 'video' button instead of the photo button.

I accidentally pressed 'video' instead of camera. When Grace saw these tractors she got real excited.
The library director had just finished speaking and we filed out the front door. The front door has not been in use for five years, said some of the folks who used to exit via the front.

Quite a procession down York Road. I didn't know a soul except for Tom Murt who didn't recognize me.

Okay, we're hitting rewind and start from the beginning. Harriet is giving her talk in the crowded room.

Tall men, including Tom Murt, stand under a three-story ceiling.
The original books purchased by the library founders are on the topmost shelf. The public is not allowed up there. Harriet kept saying how wonderful her board members are but how little money the library has. However, with their limited funds they are taking steps to preserve the old books above.

That's all folks.

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