Thursday, October 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Fontaine! Continuing Saga of Using New iPhone

We drove in several cars to the famous Shady Maple Smorgasbord in Lancaster County, PA, which I've never heard of. The place is huge! And filled with every manner of person.

The most fun-lovin individuals I've ever met sat at my table. Meet David at the end, who's the Pastor of The Holy Trinity Baptist Church in Philly.  Be sure to view their fab website.

Before we ate, all 13 guests held hands and David led us in prayer. Very moving! 

David's buddy Moses is sitting next to him. Moses is a deacon at the church. Recently there was a conflict between folks in North Philly who were visited by people from West Philly who had issues with them.

Moses, who helps out the children after school, gathered the kids around him - "Look it's Deacon Moses," said the kids - and quickly the flames were cooled down.

I told Moses I wrote a short story Moses: The Making of a Man.

I only had two desserts - peanut butter cookie and chocolate pudding. Delicious.... more insulin please.

Main course: cod, biscuit and chicken dumplings, which I'd first had in Houston made by my mom/law, fried chicken, too salty pork and sauerkraut, and veggies.

Everything tasted homemade.
Lancaster County had lots of Amish and Mennonites.

I loved the jacket Moses wore: The Negro League's Baseball Museum, founded in 1990 in Kansas City.

Image result for negro league baseball museum

 I took 122 photos of the day, but only 8 survived the upload.

Perhaps tomro a miracle will occur and you'll see the rest of them.

After I left Fontaine's condo, I drove straight to The Abington Surgical Center to learn about pain-management. The place was a zoo. You could barely move in there. Appetizers were served, everyone took baby steps to find the food, and then you had to find the doc or practitioner to tell you about treatments for pain.

I was interested in Cool Relief.You're injected with radiofrequencies which burn off pain-producing nerves.

I'm in no pain, except of course for intense frustration and disappointment of still not knowing how to upload my photos.

After the miserable experience at the jampacked Surgical Center I went to the Hatboro Library to hear my friend Allan M Heller read from his newly published book, whose title is something like Forty Flash Fiction Frightful stories.

Here's a previous photo of Our Man Allan. The audience at the library included his stepdad Dave Jones, also a writer, Linda Barrett who bought his book for $10, Nancy from Moreland Towers who walked there and would walk home, and Vicki from his Thursday writers group.

After Allan's talk, I drove to McDonald's, got a one-dollar Decaf Coffee, and a

Image result for mcdonald's pumpkin pie    Mine was all enclosed in the crust - no mess - I sat outside on my front steps and enjoyed it along with the hot coffee.

Image result for ray lewis  Just watched Ray Lewis on Charlie Rose. Lewis loves to compete. He says the linebacker has to do it all. He wants his legacy to say he's the best linebacker ever, is mean and nasty. If he hits an opposing player, he's not gonna say, I'm sorry and help him up from the ground.

Great interview. I'd never heard of Lewis nor the "Atlanta" he kept talking about. Some people still think he's guilty of double-murder.

Image result for ray lewis in mink coat  He claims when he wears his white mink coat and dress-up clothes he's not in a fighting mood. No way would he wanna get blood on them.

Fascinating life. Charasmatic as hell.

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