Monday, March 11, 2013

Nancy Pollack and I go out for breakfast

My friend Nancy has a black-belt in karate. She gives presentations to women on how to defend themselves.

Tip: If a man ever forces himself into your car, crash it into a telephone pole.

Really helpful!

We ate a late breakfast at

on Easton Road.

For $5 you got coffee and a huge omelet of your choice.

Conversation include Nancy's two cats, Bootchie and her daughter. The mom follows Nancy all around her house, and the daughter follows her mother.

After taking a few steps, the mom turns around and swats her daughter in the face.

Met Nancy when she worked at the local "Y" and set Dan up with a "buddy" since he lacked a male role model. He was born by immaculate conception.

I took her on a tour of my house, including Sarah's old room, now "The Quiet Room" where a calendar of Grace Catherine hangs on the wall.

"OMG!" said Nancela. She looks "exactly like Dan!"

I can't see it.

Knowing I suffer from the syndrom "PDWNFM" - penniless do-gooder w/ no effing money -, she asked me how I got the money to fix up my house.

Easy. I only spend money for important things.

After she left, I got gas - 20-cents off - at the Giant.

Found this image online. Guess whose blog it comes from?

Two people collided when I went into the house to pay for gas. Ryan was calling the cops.

The place is always a madhouse when it's "coupon-cashing time" and you must tread carefully and watch all sides.

"Ann," a former member of my support group called to tell me Dr Larry Schwartz's wife died. The paper made no mention of the cause. "Donate to any charity of your choice," he wrote.

Even tho I wrote Larry a "Dear John" letter firing him, I'm curious as to how she died. I've got my feelers out.

"Ann" followed his orders for 17 years. For the most part, he believed people w/bipolar d/o or schizophrenia were incapable of working.

Despite his objections, a fellow named AA, who had schizophrenia, did work, and saved up enuf money to buy a house.

Every human being should be encouraged to work and become a productive member of society. I'm glad Adam had a will of his own. 

Plucked a few stalks from my bare forsythia bush and am 'forcing' them to bloom on both my living room and kitchen windowsills.

Flowers! Ah spring!


  1. I see red when people decide what others are and are not capable of doing and especially because they have decided those people have a label that defines and limits them!

    I love that you have identified a syndrome from which I also suffer.

    Taking if easy this week after the death of my mil and also remembering things. Yesterday was the 31st anniversary of my late first husband, Kim's death.

  2. How wonderful, by the way, that the forsythia is already in bloom there, but it's freezing here today. Ours are still bare, stick-like and wintry looking. I hope yours don't die because it gets too cold again.

  3. oh, it's not actually in bloom - i grabbed the photo off the internet.

    like yours, it's stick a bunch of dead-looking sticks, but very soon, very soon.....