Monday, March 18, 2013

My short story published on St Paddy's Day

Love Under the Willow Tree published today in Haggard and Halloo. Read it here.

Am still working on my Afghanistan short story The Light in the Kitchen about a Marine gunnery sergeant who comes home to this area to heal himself.

Ever watch the cooking shows on PBS?

This is Ruth's Cooking Show. Eggs with asparagus, green scallions, and mushrooms (psylocybin, of course).

 Went to the Willow Grove Post Office to mail more Lompasses, yes they are quite heavy - I sent you one, Rob - and passed the All-Nite Deli on my way over.

The Deli plays a role in my short story.

Stopped in and asked if the owner was there to tell him about the story.

"Mr Kim isn't here now," said the sandwich girl.

"Mr Kim?" I said. "What about the young guy who used to run the store?"

"Matt sold it four years ago," she said.

She didn't know what happened to him. He told me he made most of his money selling beer. She did say he thought he was working laying bricks.

Bricks of gold?

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