Friday, March 22, 2013

Driving home I come upon an Estate Sale on Greyhorse Road

Was surprised to see a For-Sale sign on Greyhorse Road, a neighboring street. Last autumn, I had talked to an 80-some year-old widow named Lillian who was outside raking her leaves. She moved here from Bala Cynwyd, I believe, to be close to her daughter and family who live a few doors down.

Can she have died? I wondered. I didn't believe so.

Lillian moved. Christina Odusanya, the estate sale coordinator and originally from Ireland, had no idea where she went.

I'd just picked up my Mental Health Awareness Bumper Magnet and was wearing it on my shiny rear end.

After entering Lillian's former house, I slipped off my clogs, so I'd be more be more comfortable exploring all the rooms. I was wearing my PJ bottoms, but no one notices.

She had a beautiful house. Photos courtesy of Trulia.

Someone had bought the huge grandfather clock and a beautiful table in the living room.

They didn't let you bargain, but everything was 20 percent off.

In the carpeted basement, many beautiful linen hand towels were displayed. I picked up a beautiful set for $6, plus a door wreath, and then after thinking about them, put em back down again.

When you're a penniless do-gooder with no friggin' money, you've gotta be careful about every cent you spend.

So I spent $28 cash on my frivolous purchases. No way am I gonna add things to my credit card, since it's the one with the Compass costs on it.

Here's a quilt I bought. It came with a dust ruffle and a pillow case. I told them to keep the dust ruffle. When I began carrying it in from the car, I noticed it smelled. Not a bad smell, probly from laundry detergent.

I tried to stuff the quilt into the washing machine, but it was too fat, so it's airing out on the back porch. The pillow case is in the machine.

It will go in the spare bedroom. Sarah will undoubtedly come home when Max is born at the end of the month.

Lillian had beautiful fake plants. I dunno the name of the one on the left but it's beautiful and from the Trulia photos I see she kept them in the carpeted basement over by the gas fireplace.

The philodendron on the right was in the dining room.

Brilliant idea to have artificial plants that look real. Sarah will be surprised when she comes home from Bklyn to find a plant in her bedroom.

I think I'll put the flowers in the bathroom and remove the garage-sale-purchased abacus that sits on the back of the toilet.

The plants are airing out on the back porch. Can't wait to bring them in!

Yes, we do love our things, don't we?

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