Sunday, December 30, 2012

Guest column in the Intell: Shooting Tragedy Shows Dark Side of America

Click here for my latest guest column, "Shooting tragedy shows dark side of America."

Frank Strange, owner of the Abington Gun and Ammo Shop, who I quote extensively, is a really nice guy. I've quoted him on several occasions.

When I went in to visit him one time - he's in the same shopping strip as Weinrich's Bakery and the great restaurant Pho and Beyond - he delighted in showing me some of the firearms he has, including a Glock used by many police officers. 

Now I've gotta pack for my trip to Brooklyn for tonite's fundraising event to benefit New Directions. Donna and I will leave around noon when the roads are hopefully more melted.

These endangered elephants from Kenya wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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  1. Excellent article! Have retweeted and reposted. Much luck with the fundraiser!