Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Talent Night - Poem: Billy Oakes, Tattoo Man, Prepares to Meet his Maker

I just love tattoos and so does Dan, a tattoo artist. His parlor is in his kitchen. He did these on his arm and also on his wife Gloria.

Here Gloria's tattoos.

I actually wrote a fanciful poem about a guy with tattoos. He was my intake client when I worked at Bristol-Bensalem Human Services, which is now an upscale housing development. I'll post it at the end.

Our poet-in-residence, Linda, read two poems, one about our trip to Grounds for Sculpture last Weds. and the other about our trip to Isiah's Magic Garden. I told her they were so visual I thought I had magically been transported to both places.

Photographer Ron Abrams got a first-place award for these fancy socks! He studied photography at a workshop in Santa Fe and belongs to a photo club in Philly.

More from Ron

Protest against the Iraq War. The woman is wearing a pin that says Kucinich after the former Cleveland mayor and the now-defeated Democratic Congressman from Cleveland. "He is not well-liked," said my 94-yo Aunt Selma, who lives in Cleveland Heights.

Why is this man standing here?

Chris wants to show us his amateur radio equipment.

Luckily the Parish Hall at Abington Prez has a very high ceiling so Chris can get good reception.

"Come in, come in," he said speaking into the microphone.

Where the heck are they? Chris wondered.

Remember the 1983 war in Grenada... one of our many imperialistic wars that makes the world hate us? Even though everyone wants to move here to get a piece of the economic pie.

Chris was on his phone with someone from or near Grenada, which is near Venezuela, and they said "Did you know we're being invaded by America?"

Tracey stood up to get a picture of Chris. I love taking pix of people taking pix.

No one should be w/o a camera.

Some of my favorite poets were published in this small journal The KaleidOScope, which I edited. I had three or four in here based on when I was an Intake Worker at Bristol-Bensalem Human Services, one of my favorite jobs ever! My first job after I got my MGPGP degree from Hahnemann.

Here's my poem "Billy Oakes, Tattoo Man, Prepares to Meet his Maker." He's standing on a bridge contemplating killing himself. It's based on one of my intake patients. He actually did jump but into shallow water.

Always end with something happy unless you're Ernest Hemingway. I'm listening to his short stories in the car. Absolutely filled with blood, gore, and death. That's Papa!

I often visit Grace and grandma Barbara at lunchtime. She wouldn't give me a kiss before she went upstairs for her nap, so I crawled up the stairs behind her, chasing her until I caught her and kissed her.

"Mommy have new baby soon," she said.

Not exactly, Grace. Next spring.

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  1. Not clear on what the talent night was part of..New Directions?

    Wish I could read the tattoo guy poem but had a hard time seeing it. If you get a chance, perhaps you could send it in a different format but if it's a bother, don't worry.