Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Eve

Obama belongs to all of us. He represents the struggles of all of us as human beings. Who among us hasn't had their struggles, their own particular narrative of overcoming tragedy?

We see ourselves in this Everyman. Sure, his color appears dark at first, but soon he becomes that singular object - a man, a human being. His Inaugural speech was magnificent. Until that moment he was gentle, conciliatory, patting Bush on the shoulder, nodding at VP Cheney who rode humbled in a wheelchair with a cane between his legs.

His speech however told us what the man really had in mind. It was a bold indictment of the last eight years, no holds barred, and the solemn promise to establish new ground, the true ground that all Americans walk upon, and the reason why 2 million Americans had come to hear him in the 26 degree chill.

Obama himself is a believer. He told us our democracy did not have to die. He told us we were strong and resilient and did not have to cower with fear over our soiled economy and the blasphemy of our wars. He told us we can choose faith over fear, hope over despair.

And I believe him.

So do a few of my friends. Check out the blog of my college chum Iris A-A. And of psychiatrist Dan Hartman, MD. I imagine Sue Katz will be adding her comments of this stirring day. And perhaps Mr. Weinstein will divulge his thoughts tomorrow.