Thursday, October 12, 2017

Visit with Dr Foxhall - U T I - Driving to the Birthday Boys Before it Got Dark

I was pretty sure I had a U T I, so I drove over to his office at the Schilling Campus of AMH. Quite a few people in the Waiting Room, including kids, with their moms trying to shush them.

This one family had two little boys, maybe 3 and 4, and they each had their own bottle of water. The kids were reading from the kids' shelf of books.

Finally they were called back while I waited in misery. My problem was that if I had peed at home, I wouldn't have enuf to pee now. But if I hadn't peed at home, I might have too much and would pee all over the floor.

This is what happened to me for the first time with my new U T I.

As soon as I was taken in back, I was made to pee. The teeniest amount came out but fortunately they had enuf.

My urine was loaded with bacteria. From both bladder and urinary tract. This is not good if you've had a kidney transplant.

I entered Dr Foxhall's examining room. He's tall and very handsome. He got a giant pair of glasses.

Image result for james foxhall md pa  Brazen me, took this a couple of years ago.

Image result for big black glassesThe moment I awake this morning, I ran downstairs to take my Cipro pill. One in the a m, one 12 hours later.

He told me to keep my blood sugar down. When you're sick it goes high. But I'm feeling much better. AND I've gotta run The Daytime Meeting. I better get the name tags out. Hold on.

As I listened to Gregg Whiteside on WRTI I wondered, How can he do this day by day?

I'd love to do something different. Here come the Trash Men in their mighty green trucks. Should they give residents a chance to do the job? I'm so weak now I can barely lift two books at once to take up to bed.

Alex Glijanski had written me a thank-you about my World Mental Health Day. I credited him for getting me back on my feet again. He's slowly retiring.

"Mindhunter" will be on Netflix soon. And the Basil Rathbone version of Sherlock is waiting for Scott and me at the library.

And I do have several ideas for short stories.

When I was at Dan's last night - he did not like my books - Grace would say, Tell me about your day. They seem to favor their mother, who surprised them all by going with her friend to a free concert.

For dinner, Nicole bought burritos. Briskit burritos. I've got one in the fridge, wondering how I'll dispose of it.

On WRTI Daniel Behrenbaum is playing what sounds like a Bach Fugue.

So yesterday, Zeke knocked, walked in, and removed a bunch of magnets from my fridge. I said nuffin and he replaced em when he left.

What? You're having egg salad for dinner?

I usually bring my dinner to the Demings.

Zeke is fascinated by everything I do.

And how was your day?

At Dan's Nicole had picked up some burritos.

Altho I finished me egg salad, Dan gave me the remainder of his briscuit of beef burrito!

Then Nicole surprised us by saying she and her friend were going to a free concert!

Max was on the couch falling asleep.

Grace was playing a game with tiny action figures.

I gave Dan two of the hard backs I'd bought for his 41st b'day.

Alan Dershowitz - I'll pass, said he.

World's Best Detective Stories from England and America - I'll pass, said he.

Of course I was hurt.

Guess why I'm leaving now, I announced.

Cuz you don't wanna drive in the dark, said Max. 

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