Sunday, October 8, 2017

Reading - Poems: Preparing to Go to Mom's House for a Sunday Visit - The Library Book Shelf by the Back Window

Lynn brings all these goodies. I ate generous portions of bagels and cream cheese, cut in quarters. Mom has a voracious appetite, I kid you not.

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I was super angry she canceled her appt at Costco so she won't be getting hearing aides just yet.

Made sure I sat near her and yelled so she could hear me.

FB poem about her


Thanks to my sister Lynn
we often visit Mom on

I've loaded the car
with things to show
the family

Thunder Paws, the book
I bought by Bill Hess,
pantaloon jeans I
bought and can't stand

Ritz Crackers too sweet
and tempting, they beckon
from upstairs

What's that rollicking sound?
The washer downstairs. Dyou
separate the white from the

My clothes are never quite
clean, but I walk in a perpetual swirl
of gray.

Don't laff. I'm a responsible
adult, with no one to tell
me what to do.

The best!  


Just got home from the Upper Moreland Library. Tomro is Dan's 41st b'day. Thank god he loves his life, job, wife, kids.

I always get him books for his b'day.

From the library, I paid THREE DOLLARS for the following books:

GREAT DETECTIVES by David Willis McCullough

Entire short novels are published like The Chill by Ross McDonald

Image result for great detectives by david willis mccullough

CHUTZPAH by Alan M Dershowitz - A Bold Call for a New Attitude by and toward American Jews

Image result for chutzpah alan dershowitz

ALL TOO HUMAN: A Political Education by George Stephanopoulos

Image result for a political education by george stephanopoulos

DARWIN'S ATHLETES:  How Sport has damaged Black America and preserved the Myth of Race  by John Hoberman

Image result for darwin's athletes

Dr. Hoberman in class  Professor Hoberman

Dr. John Milton Hoberman is a Professor of Germanic languages within the Department of Germanic Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. He is the author of numerous books and articles on sports, specifically on their cultural impact, their relationship with race, and the issue of doping.
He is a European cultural and intellectual historian, who has interests in Sportwissenschaft and the history of racial ideas. He has published nearly one hundred sports articles and books in American newspapers and magazines and in Der Spiegel.

Then I got mhy own books out. Rem and I had been emailing about how much we both love John Updike, so I borrowed Licks of Love and Terrorist. I sat on a rolling step-stool and read the end of terrorist.

I told new Dorothy that I had never seen such good books in the last stack of the library, where I sat and read. Updike also wrote Gertrude and Claudius, but I thought it would be too difficult with the olde languages.

So now I've gotta write a poem. Hold on, gotta get something to eat.

Our fresh cherry tomatoes and Feta cheese Ellen gave me.



The light streamed in but I was oblivious
caught as I was in a world of R's and T's, U's and V's

Updike. I'd read Pigeon Feathers while babysitting
at the Schonbergs in Cleveland.

His Rabbit Books I bought at a garage sale
and couldn't get off the first page

Stuck in a small town in Pennsylvania,
Rabbit's playing basketball with neighborhood

Kids who refuse to trust him. I trust you,
Rabbit, and remember the worn, yellow

Paperback pages, perfectly. What's this
Updike? You've written a book called

"Terrorist?" Adjusting my eyeglasses
I sit on the small stepstool, and read

The last pages. Really? I think.
Really? And set it aside in my

burgeoning pile. "Lucky Licks"-
a book I never heard of.

Affairs in suburbia. Who does
he think he is?  Cheever?

"Sex without love," I read.
And toss it into my pile.

Driving home, I imagine
lying on a blanket in my

Backyard, the sun slanting
against the fence

And reading, just reading,
till dark. After a snack

Of apple and cheese,
I go up to bed

And read all thru the night
some jazz playing on the radio

Until morning comes. 

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