Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Bonefish Grill - Poems: The New Video-Streamed Apple Enhances Reality - Anybody Up There? - Foxhall Poems

Let's start off with a nice photo or two.

 In the bulrushes.

Today's poem. Thing is, I can't listen to Bartok at the same time I'm blogging.


If things go better with Coke
and Maxwell House Coffee is
good to the very last drop,
what will the new Apple
i-Phone do to enhance
my life?

Will the changes be invisible?
A chocolate croissant and
hot tea at the breakfast table?

Bartok's String Quartet
Number Five, dedicated to
Mrs. Sprague-Coolidge,
aerating through the
heating ducts?

I have resurrected
Sprague-Coolidge's name.
She is knocking at my
front door, having stepped
from a hearse from Kirk
and Nice Funeral home.

She flees when I open
the door. I run after her
ripping off a bouquet
of black-eyed susans
and thrusting them
in her hands.

Our eyes never meet.
Was she really there?
And am I?


Ah, my warm 'leopard' blouse
with the zipper in back
My velveteen jacket with
Kleenex still in the pockets
My date is here early
We climb into his
Pepperidge Farm White bread car

Driving down the street
in the twilight hour
I fuss with the seat belt
till I get it on
Meantime it growls at me

Bonefish Grill, one of our
favorites. I sit across from
him and think, This man is
handsome. He's smart and
has a taste for salmon and
for me.

We hug goodbye when he drops
me off next door. If the
night were clear, he'd bring
his telescope out on the
porch and he'd search for
his dog Spanky light years


I told him I might have to write him a poem.


Eat fruits and vegetables
read the sign in his
cheerful pink examining

Knock knock knock
Ah, he's thoughtful
and walked smartly
in, tall, hair graying
at the temples,
those comfy shoes
I remembered, this
time with argyle socks

He could have been a movie star
a relief pitcher, a partner
of Frank Gehry, or the lead
conductor of the Philadelphia
Orchestra, his 9-year-old son,
a prodigy, playing the slide
trombone, the 6-year-old
grinning next to his mom.

Instead, he's Dr Foxhall!


James also wanted to know what's going on on Davisville Road? He rounds the bend to visit healing folks at Powerback. I wrote Sam V, my commissioner who wrote back - that good man! - that Willow Grove Day Camp is zoned recreational - it will be a YMCA and will open around the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019.

  I visited the camp several years ago, when I was passing by. I was Uncle Howie's secretary. View blog post here

Those WERE the Days!

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