Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Part Two: The Fourth of July

 I brought hummus by Boar's head and some fab whatchamacallits to dip the hummus into. Very healthy. Nancy Pollack even approved.

My black bathing suit is very difficult to put on, but rather cute, wouldn't you say?

 Lovely floral arrangements sent from CT.
 For starters, salad with carmelized pecans. Dressing is a light balsamic vinegar.
 Ada's great carrot pudding.

Sweet corn from Shop Rite. We're waiting for Rooks Corn, supposedly the best. Goggle it. This entry is okay.

Scrumptious salmon with maple syrup topping. And carrot pudding. Ada gave me some to take home.

Ice cream with home made fudge sauce.

What a dinner! What great people!

Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

Capital Fourth was repeated. For YOU, Dear Reader, some better photos of the Blue Brothers and one with Sam Moore, is that your name?

And so to bed.

Sarah sent me this great news earlier. FDA Approves Drug for Those with Late-Stage Hep C.

And so to bed.

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