Sunday, July 2, 2017

Jimmy Plays to Win is published by Your One Phone Call - FB poem of the day: This Ole House

Jimmy Plays to Win published here.

Sadly, Jimmy's basketball net is crumpled on the ground on Ball Road.

Scott and I watched Film Noir Alley on TCM this morning at 10 am.

They Live by Night Poster

Boy are they ever in a jam and it's not raspberry.

Here's my FB poem of the day. Read below for how I got the idea.


Cows with bells
sauntered along
this farmland

In winter we
heard the sound
of sleigh rides

Jingle toes! Jingle toes!

The Red Barn was filled
with golden hay, the
color of Danny boy's

Sitting on the front porch
of the big farm house, as
turkeys waddle in the
back yard, Ma and Pa
rock the Sunday away

"Another cup of coffee,
dear," says Pa. Out comes
the aluminum pot with
coffee grounds in the top

"Here ya goes, dear," says
Ma, "tasty to the very last

She shakes out the grounds
onto the green and white hostas
"That's why they's so purty, Pa!"

They rock the Sunday away as
he gives Ma a peck on the cheek.

The turkeys jabber in the back yard. 


Sometimes I lie in bed and the house creaks. Or settles. I often jump!  So,thinks I, why don't I write a poem from the house's point of view.


Why are my hands shaking?

B/c I was outside in the heat clipping my weeds.

I know. I know. More weeds than shrubs.

What's a girl to do?

I poured a cup of cold water on my head before I went outside.

Then I ran down the little hill.... hold on...

 And nearly fell on my face.


There was quite a storm last night.

The folks across the street are outa town and a whole mess o tree branches fell on their driveway.

Guess what the Good Samaritan did?

Unlike mine, their driveway is on a steep hill so it was lots of fun balancing myself as I pulled the branches onto their lawn.

The milkweed just popped up in my garden.

Wait a minute! Is that milkweed? Will check with Beatriz.

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