Tuesday, July 4, 2017

I discover Jason Isbell - Cast aside your fear of jury duty if you're me

Good show, Charlie Rose. Feller named Jason Isbell, country singer, does a couple no's for us including this un here called The Last of My Kind.

Image result for jason isbell guitar  Take a look at Jason's guitar in the video. Interesting looking. Jason's a real sweet guy. Had a drug and drinkin problem that he got thru with the help of his friends and the woman who became his wife.

Something so exciting about a dude who shows up with his own special guitar like it's his best friend and ya wanna show it around.


Poverty, race and love. Now Jason is on the PBS Evening News. Jeffrey Brown is interviewing him. If I stop drinking, he thought, will I still be funny, will I still be creative? They kicked him out of the band.


So I get an official looking letter from Norristown PA. Oh no! I think. They're suing me. The place where I once worked where I cursed someone out. Thing is, Was it worth it? Will she be a better person? Doubtful.

It was a jury summons.

I filled it out online. At first I thought I'd have to list a few choice conditions that would keep me from serving. Then I learned if you're 70 and older, you can get off if you wish.


So I'm driving around in my car that hasn't been inspected since May, I believe. Why didn't I know that? It is getting worked on at Chris Amato's.


Image result for almond milk popsicles
Reasonable facsimile of the Almond Milk Popscile I found in the Giant Freezer after standing there for 10 minutes. Was looking for Chloe Pops which didn't show up.

Was looking for a new bathing suit today.

Here's some correspondence about it.

Thanks for your note, Jan.

Believe it or not, I did drive out there earlier today from my home in Willow Grove.

I could not find the Pavilion!

Ended up going to Ross. They had nothing!

Finally bought a black bathing suit for $3 at Heaven's Treasures, a thrift shop near me in Hatboro, PA.

It's not bad, but it's not that great either.


On 7/4/2017 12:23 AM, Sales wrote:
Hi Ruth,

We are still at same location in Jenkintown in The Pavilion:
261 Old York Road
Street Level
Jenkintown, PA 19046
Telephone: 215-576-1244

Thank you for your anticipated business.

Cameo Water Wear
Customer Support


Oh no! Now I'll really get sued for...

Be quiet now!


Am still listening to the Jason Isbell interview. He's talking about John Prine and Bonnie Raitt, people he likes. John Prine?

What's the point of this blog, Ruthie?


I've gotta submit three poems to something called Blue Bonnet Review. I've got until July 15.

Oh! Called Sarah earlier today, dinnertime actually. She sold her book, Gravity. Got more money than she's ever had for a book. Called Mom to tell her. Mom loved hearing about it. Ellen's on the other line. I quipped and called her The Master of Sarcasm.

Someone I was talking to said she keeps her mouf shut when she's talking to folks she disagrees with. Me, well, she irks me.

Started watching the Netflix film GLOW. It's an acronym. It's, well, okay.


Instrumental in getting her published was a fellow student at Brown University, Chris Myers

Image result for harlem children's book  One reason Sarah's a good writer is cuz I read to her and Dan constantly. All these great children's books.

Me, I can't get into reading! Can't get hooked on any good books.

Oh! Was reading a poem on a weekly poem bloggy and I saw one of her poetry books was published by Able Press Muse, I think. So what dyou think I do? I go and find my novel and I send it in to them. While doing so, I was sure it wouldn't go thru, or would cost two-thousand dollars, but it went thru. I'll find out in six months their response.

This was before I spoke to Sarah.

POV had a documentary on called The War Machine. At the end, when it was over, the spokesperson said we put a protective wall around ourselves due to the pain of watching it.

It's about freedom fighters who returned to their homeland of Syria when Assad came to power. One guy was making tons of money in the digital world. Just regular folks.

So many of these nice young men were arrested. 'We'll have him back home in two hours.' They returned to his home and said, He's dead, pick up his body in prison.

Tortured, mutilated. Assad's men.

Obaidah Zytoon captures the fate of Syria through the intimate lens of a circle of friends. Beginning with peaceful Arab Spring protests in 2011, take a four-year, ground-level look at how the country spiraled into bloody civil war.

Would like to write a short story about visiting Armenia as part of a group tour. Learned about it from Sue McKenzie.

Photo please:

Image result for armenia   That's our little traveling party. Yerevan is the capital city. In my story we'll have flashbacks of the Armenian genocide. There's a museum for it.

Arshile Gorky - what a memory! - was part of it and took his own life later on. I bought postcards and sent em all out.Image result for awhile gorky

What are YOU excited about, Dear Reader?

I was almost gonna say looking at my new black bathing suit drying on the back porch.

For two reasons:  to see its design and to see how dry it is in this very humid weather.

Jason Isbell was talking about The Muse. Rarely arrives. It's all about discipline. Oh look! He's on the David Letterman Show. Letterman loves him! Jason is singing with his wife Amanda Shires. A Warren Zevon song.

Mr Bojangles anyone?

Breaking news - Launched a missile which can hit Alaska.

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