Saturday, June 17, 2017

Question: If the rain in Spain... I mean, Should we eat grain? - Poem: The Rain

Am working on my new short story, The Parking Lot Attendant, for the writers' group at 1:30 pm.

Sent my man in Ocean City, James Marshall of Fox and Roach, a telegram. Any homeless in Ocean City?

Okay, back upstairs witcha, Ruthie, and get going on your story.

I awoke at 9:30 am, looked out the bedroom window and was shocked to see it raining. Hence, me poem below.

"Hence" rhymes with the VP's name.


Click here.

No grain no pain book Gluten free

Dr. Peter Osborne, the least charming of all the foodies, presented a good case for not eating grains.

Guess what I had for breakfast.

In addition to my omelet, four Triscuits with cream cheese.

I did NOT enjoy them but had to do it bc of my food plan from my diabetes doctor.


Don't you love when you come home
from the shore, tan, fit, well-fed
and young again and it rains the next day?

From my bedroom window I looked out and
thought, Will the rain ever stop? I
wondered about the caladium with its
big floppy ears and blood-red veins
and if the hummingbird would ever
clobber its way over.

Not your problem, I thought. Whose then?
I looked over at my living room credenza.
Denis, Kevin and Dad winked at me.
Sweet memories. All gone home to
their destiny. Ever wonder
about your own?

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