Thursday, June 15, 2017

Part I - Last Day in Ocean City N J - and Look! Home again Home again - Photos

Scott and I are slowly unpacking.

Just went over and he's watching the original Manchurian Candidate on TCM.  Laurence Harvey is acting like a robot, since he's been hypnotized by his Commie-loving mom. He's now visiting a former GF and her father - she is lovely - and Scott reminded me he's gonna shoot and kill both of them.

Image result for manchurian candidate      Hmmm. I dunno what the title means. Any ideas, Packers and Movers?

The later is a spam post I get twice a year.

After I got home, I drove to the Giant and had a nice green salad. Then I went to Mom's to deliver her the fudge and macaroons from Fralingers. The macs were dee-lish!

Image result for black narcissus   Scott was asleep in the Ocean City bedroom and I was watching Netflix on my laptop in the living room.

Black Narcissus was incredibly strange, but I did get into it.

Nick Mankiewitz said it had one of the scariest scenes in it.  One of the nuns was a seductress. She painted her face like a hussy and stared out at us.

Image result for black narcissus
She falls to her death.
 On the living room coffee table we finished off CURLY FRIES. The attached bucket is for ketchup.
 Scott forgot his hat so he bought an orange one at one of the many shops along the boardwalk.
 Here's our dining room living room.
Dining room table has my blue pill box I got in April 2011 after my kidney tplant.

 Got a pedicure at Bella Spa in Ocean City N J.

While my nails were drying, a fellow came in, nice looking man with a few tattoos, who was 49 yrs old.

He was getting his legs worked on. The wonderful and fragrant cleansing treatment that Lexi did so well.

His photo is further down. He would leave the next day to have abdominal surgery at University of Pennsylvania. He's got a huge aneurysm or something like that in his belly.
 Scott and I wait at Spatafora's. You sit in a tent outside.
"Blackened tilapia" with cole slaw and corny cob. Even the rolls were delicious. Warm. With butter.

 Scott ordered tuna steak, baked tater, and mixed veggies. Now I must tell you I do not like tuna steak. This, however, was a grreatt piece of fish, tender and juicy, like filet mignon.
Here's our friend from the spa. He and his wife and her two kids - his stepkids - were in line at Spats.

 Just your usual stroll along the boardwalk.

Heading toward Castaway Cove, one of two amusement parks in O C.

OMG!  Dyou realize how tired I am?

Here's what we do in a case like this.

We all it Part I.  And then we find a very cool place in the house - hey - this is good on the red couch - we train the fan on our hot body - and then we fall asleep.

I will be reading CHAIR YOGA and THE WOMAN IN CABIN 10.

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