Thursday, June 15, 2017

Part 3 - Ocean City N J - Miss New Jersey Pageant

With toes like these, I should enter. I did once live in Englewood Cliffs, N J, One Loretta Court.

 Bought a new dress at a place called Bella's. Rachel was our saleswoman. She selected this $40 dress just for me. I look a little like an Eagles-loving bag lady. Rachel's going to law school at Penn State.
 The parking lot attendant was reading a book about the making of a TV show called Friday the 13th.

I wished I could go around and ask every single person who is on display, What are you reading?
 Begins the Pageant.
Marching band. Let's play some marching music. Here's four hours of marching music for ya!

 The above contestant has Down syndrome. Hey, if you haven't read my short story PALS, now is a good time.

Self promotion, you ask. Why not? Look at the pageant girls!
Wouldn't you love to step into that Bookmobile below? The books are arranged so they won't fall off the shelves. Some smart person thought of that.
 Promoting Fire Fighting!

 What would YOU wear if you were on parade?

Perhaps you'd like Edith Head to design something for you.

Image result for edith head costume

Holy cow! This is from our Michener Museum.

Don't you love these bike-riding cops?

 Scott loves this photo of a pirate and his parrot.
 I got a notion to buy a ring. NOTE: I do not wear rings. But, you know what? It's time to try new things out. I wore the ring on my ring finger to the Giant. Wanted to eat a healthy salad. I'd been eating all that rich food at the shore.

Finished my lunch - also had chicken noodle soup - and what happens when I get up to leave? The ring falls off and rolls along the floor.

Keep reading. 
 As we drive home from O C, these concrete posts dated 1934 wish us a safe journey home.

So now I've got the Starfish ring on my third finger. Below is a bookmobile. A very smart person figured out how to shelve the books so they wouldn't topple over.

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