Thursday, June 15, 2017

Part 2 - Ocean City N J - Poem: Home from Ocean City N J

 Like pioneers arriving at their destination, Scott sets up Water Camp.
We take the coffee pot, fill it with water and put it in the fridge and fill up the water glasses.

Our first day there we ate at Augie's. We remember these places fondly. I ordered a breakfast burrito. Mmmm-mmmmm good! Could only eat half, so kept thother half out until "Hey Ma! I'm hongry!"

 Apologies! Cain't rightly remember if I showed you these pix or not.

First time Scottie and I came down to the shore we was gonna stay right here at the Serendipity B & B. As we pulled up we saw Watson's Regency Hotel.

The die was cast.
 Soft pastels.
All the sodas I will never drink.

Ada had a pool party one year. She served beverages like the above. I told someone to save me some, then I went over on the grass, drank the very last sip, swirled it around in my mouf - and - spit it out on the lawn.

So awful! Don't tell this to Ada but there's a huge meteor-like crater in her back yard where I spit the soft drink. They're still trying to fix the hole.

Best pizza I ever had. The Big Slice. You gotta buy a bottle of water and boy dyou get thirsty. Luckily Scott brought his water bottle.

Put this pic on Facebook and it was quite a hit. I said that many people think pizza should be eaten FOLDED OVER! Quelle ridiculosity! You can't taste a thing that way!

Strolling along the boardwalk, I decided to get a wee bit of dessert.

Macaroons would be nice.  When Cousin Lloyd comes to visit, he brings these colorful tasty ones. I chose coffee!!!  We sat in a covered pavilion with a view of the pounding waves.

 Hmm. Where to go for dinner? Got in touch with the realtor James Marshall from Fox & Roach and asked him, saying we've been to all the places on the b/walk, send us somewhere different but within a short distance of our hotel.

Luigi's. We walk to Luigis in Hunger Mode. Luigi's is closed.

Then we found Ocean City Cafe. Above is the table where we await our food. Here's my ravioli with five meatballs.

T H E   B E S T   !!!!!

Blogspot is really screwing up. They sent me an error message which I've never received before.

Is the world coming to an end, Henny-Penny?

I think it was Comcast that sent me the message below. Anyone understand it? 

If your e-mail provider supports it, Customize From Address allows you to make a one-off minor alteration to your From address without having to create a new identity in Account Settings. For example, if your From address is John Doe you may want to change it to John Doe or John .


Squwak squwak squak
Where's the sound of
the seagulls? Like
unwanted friends
they swoop around
the tourists begging
for crumbs.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!
Where's the rush of
the ocean waves, never-
ending day and night,
some folks die, Robert
Osbourne, Adam West,
Dr Seuss, but the
waves never do.

Kaboom! Pssshew! Hisssss!
Where's the alarming un-
nerving sound of the
amusement park rides.
And the screams of the
Gale Force riders?

Crackle of ice in the
fancy glasses, the
soft murmur of the
couple at the other table.
The hostess with her
"Sit anywhere you like."

Still, it's fun to
make my own food
at my own kitchen
table, with my own
mismatched plates
and utensils.

C'mon over and
sup with me!

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