Saturday, May 27, 2017

It's almost tomorrow - the lovely Melania Trump - Poem: Croissants I have Known

Debut of my Floppy Poppy.  Looking on at the right is a new species of deer, found only in my neighborhood, a miniature deer.

Dunno the species of this particular poppy. And how about the color? What dyou think, Coco or Jeanne Essig?  Mon papa worked with Ms. Essig.

Melania Trump made quite a splash on her European trip.

Image result for melania trump in europe,

Watch slide show from the Times.

Scott and I walked one of the Pennypack Trails, the one you catch near the Hunt Valley post office.

I couldn't bear going into the house until the sun began to set, so I sat outside on Scott's park bench on his front porch and watched the small world pass by.


Spread with cream cheese
it goes down smooth, delicate
companion of today's
many veggied omelet

Have you seen the young
Jacques Pepin prepare
his omelet? Like Raphael Nadal
come to the net for victory!

Years ago in Paris, after
looking out the window at
the rain, Sarah and I would
walk, clipety clop, into
the breakfast nook of
Hotel Joyce.

Waiting patiently, was a
chocolate croissant. I snapped
it up with siver tongs, then
ordered scrambled eggs and fruit.

Ah, me! I've left half of this
morning's croissant on the table.
covered over with that tissue paper
wrapper, soft as a bunny's ear.

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