Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Eating at Bernies - My red poppy is alive and well

Here's a poem which explains part of my day


I was there all of three hours
Ellen, Donna, Mom and I occupied
different chairs at different times

In the blistering heat I fell asleep
quickly on the living room couch
then awoke and wondered if I were
a child again

So much commotion in the kitchen
talking, bossing around, baking
I arose from the couch

still in my sneakers, I sat
at my accustomed place
Ellen's cookies were fresh
from the oven

Too soft, they crumbled in my hand
Forays were made about how we might
spend the rest of the day.

Home was calling me.
I kissed mom goodbye, trotted
down the big green lawn,
and started my car.

The roar of lawn mowers
accompanied me home.

Later on we all met at Bernie's in Hatboro. Had a wonderful meal, which we all shared. Sent the leftovers home to Mom. Couldn't find a good pic of the place so I chose this instead

Image result for bernie's hatboro brussels sprouts

Donna ordered Brussels Sprouts and Garlic. Fab!

I got a toasted cheese sandwich on toasted bread. Plus French fries.

When I got home I checked my sugar. It was a fine  1 3 6.

 My red poppies are alive and well, far from the Afghan and South America
New poppy planted last week by Scott.

What's going on in the world?

The firing of FBI director by the most idiotic of all our presidents. Read about it here. Or not.

Gorgeous sunset in the backyard.

Chirping of birds in the front yard.

Me, sitting on my red couch, planning my next brilliant move.

My good friend Jonathan Katz from Goddard College is in town.

He may come to visit.

Image result for comedian jon katz  He and his wife Suzie have an apartment downtown since his kids live around here.

He sent me an email that said, Ruth, I'm in your backyard.

I wrote back, I thought I heard someone playing Pussycats on Parade on a ukelele.

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