Monday, May 15, 2017

Diabetes - Rhododendron Poem

Image result for dr daniel rosenberg endocrinologist   My new diabetes doctor is Dr Daniel Ellis Rosenberg. When he came into the examining room I said, "Wow, you've got lots of curly black hair."


Pennsylvania State School of Medicine - Hershey, Medical School
Pennsylvania State University, Undergraduate



Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Endocrinology


He sent me to Diabates Grade School, where I went today. I'm in the first grade. 


Why was I  ten minutes late? Was watching a rather awful film called A Double Life on Netflix, was getting some much-needed sleep as I watched, and when I awoke, I checked my sugar.






Very low. So I began stuffing myself and that's why I was late to my appt.



Very nice educator named Coleen Finelli. 



In the waiting room I talked w Bella (not her real name) age 80.



Her husband was w/her. If I didn't have him, she said, I dunno what I'd do. He's her diabetes monitor.



One day she woke up in Abington hospital. She'd gone so low she passed out at home and was rushed to the hospital where she stayed three days.



The woman never goes out of the house. She's constantly injecting and testing and worrying she'll pass out again. 



And when she goes out to eat she goes to the baffroom to inject!


You needn't do dat, I said, pulling up my shirt and revealing my belly.



I've got a lotta black n blue marks on here.....



You just have one, she said,



But I stick the needle in my belly under the table and no one can see.

 Told her I always carry Protein Bars with me and I gave her one and told her she could get it at the Giant. 



I told her to get a life and go out with her friends. The people here will help you, I said. Ask them. 80 is young - my mom's 94 and there's not a thing wrong with her. Bella is a very attractive white-haired woman and has her whole life ahead of her!


Rhododendron time!

What on earth?

This is a diabetes sensor which constantly monitors the sugar in my blood. The worst thing, tho, is they give you a chart where you record everything you eat and drink all day PLUS your insulin levels.

It's for 14 days.

When I went in to see Coleen, we chatted a bit, and then I took my sugar level. She had never seen me in my action and I declined alcohol to prick my finger and quickly checked my sugar - 156 - a bit high but that was fine.

Then I stuck my finger in my mouf to staunch the bleeding, instead of using an alcohol swab.

Told her the reason I got diabetes - kidney tplant drugs - Prograf and Prednisone.

She told me I had a lot of energy. True.

Then she implanted the sensor. I told her I could sterilize the skin by licking it, but she declined. Instead a gun-like instrument implanted it in my skin. Glue holds it on.

Looks like they intend to use it as a replacement for our glucose monitors.

On the way home I always take a shortcut onto Veser Street. There's no stop sign so you can just merge onto Easton Road.

I passed a Dunkin Donut, stopped in and ordered Iced Decaf plus my dinner - a croissant with egg and cheese.

Image result for iced black decaf dunkin

Plagerized some lines of the poem from I SO LIKE SPRING by the late Linda Smith.


The bright pinks
are my favorites
I cut some blossoms
and sink them in
Grace's old sippee
cup on the kitchen
window sill

They are not alone
Tissue-paper daffodils
reside there, an above-
ground mortuary

I so like May!
The whole world
is a green salad
maple, tulip, oak
leaves, waving
hello with their branches

Now's the time to
plunge inside and
eat until we're full

I so like May!


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