Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Day with my friend Cynthia

Usually her sister/law drives her, but can't now as she's in Florida. Cyn requested my driving services but then cancelled em bc she felt so terrible, sick to her stomach. I'm coming over anyway, I said. Was with her from noon until 7 pm, when I drove home in the snow.

Went straight to Scott's - he's off tonight - and slept for three hours. Driving really makes you tired! Plus there were spots where I merged on the road and could barely see as cars zoomed over a suddenly looming hill.

She fell and walks bent over double. Seriously.

Image result for walking bent over doubleShe walks with two canes. Her son Noam found a decorated cane at his workplace.

I just walked home from Scott's late at night. Brrrr! Looked up at the sky and could not believe what I saw.

The entire sky was filled, absolutely filled, with stars.

It was like a Field of Stars. If I could, I would press a button and open up the top of  my living room window so I could view them inside.


We went to her bank. The Fulton Bank. HQd in Lancaster, one of the bankers said. To me it sounds like a bank akin to one of the big banks like Wells Fargo or Bank of America, you know, that rip off the customer and barely get in trouble. Liars like our new government and our old government.

Was wondering what son/law Jared Kushner calls Trump.

What's your guess. I always like to involve the reader.



President Trump and Japanese PM Shinzō Abe, November 17, 2016

Big brou-ha-ha going on now about various politicans having visited foreign ministers. Jared and Ivanka are in the background.

Read about Kushner here.  Perfect fit for Trump. Shady dealings by family members.

At the Fulton Bank I managed a shady deal myself - came home with three Fulton pens.

Vince was one of the nice folks at Fulton. About his last name, I mentioned there's some famous writer with that name.

He shrugged his shoulders.

I was thinking of a Margurerite, who you'll shortly read about.

Read about Barbara.. Take a gander at her activities.

Esp these:   has been married five times as of 1995.[3] Her spouses have included magician Doug Henning[5] and author John Gray, who along with De Angelis while they were married, received an unaccredited PhD degree by correspondence from the now-defunct Columbia Pacific University.[6]

And now, we remember Marguerite de Angelis.

Image result for marguerite de angeli's book of nursery

Mailed out two postcards this morning to Max and Grace. Told Max to look outside tonight at the crescent moon. And told Grace, first grade, that my first grade teacher was Miss Katherine Allan.

All at Taylor Elementary School in Cleveland Heights.

So Vince at the bank is from Brooklyn. His dad owned the amusement park Nellie Bly. Believe it or not, Ripley, it's still there! Bought and sold many times.

I have a compulsion to share things with people, but would my 43-yo daughter wanna visit Nellie Bly? Maybe she could take her boxers there for a day off.

Should I write her? Why not? Hold on.

Also view this site about NYC Lost Amusement Parks. One had a particularly horrible tragedy.

At the bank, I told Vince I did a horrible job of parking and would go out and straighten out my car as it might get bashed into.

When I returned Cynthia asked me if I had shpildas, you know what that is? And I said Yes I do but I had to repark the car.

After our bank adventure - and the bank had a nice little hospitality center with Keurig - she said she was starving so we went to Robin Hood in Southampton to eat.

Image result for robin hood restaurant southampton  So that's what it looks like. You can't see it from the car. It has a very heavy revolving door.

When I dropped Cyn off, she walked over to the door and fortly someone held the door open for her. You know, that woman could fly to Copenhagen, with several stop-overs, and get around just fine. She's about 5 years older than me and I'm afraid of just about everything! Very true.

Image result for robin hood restaurant southampton  We each ordered scrumtious matzoh ball soup, loaded with a big fat matzoh ball, nodules, carrots, and celery.

I saw out the window it was starting to snow and figured it would stop by the time we left. It did. But then it picked up again.

Drove her home. She wanted to abandon me before we got into her apartment, but I insisted on accompanying her inside, where she gave me two twenties.

I kissed her on the cheek. Her husband Bobby has been dead for 8 years now. Self-taught, he used to teach Yiddish to rabbis.

Zay gezunt, as we say in Yiddish.

Am gonna take one more look at the stars and then go upstairs to read.

Image result for stars

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