Sunday, January 8, 2017

Howdy Linda and Aunt Selma - Poem: We Are Not Alone

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I often watch the Student Recitals at Curtis Institute of Music. There was a string piece played by a couple of students and I guessed it was by Claude Debussy as it reminded me of Golliwog's Cakewalk which I used to play on the piano,

Wish I knew how to download it, so listen to it here played by Mr Debussy himself.

On TCM tonight, they showed the film Rollerball with Jimmy Caan. Simply awful. But I meant to tell you Scott and watched the wonderful Tomorrow, with the young Robert Duvall the other night. I had seen it about five years prior. The Mississipppi accents were a joy to listen to.

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 Hadn't talked to Aunt Selma in a few months. But there she was, lively as ever. I always like to know what she eats.

The entire family loves candy! They eat it all the time. I mentioned that my favorite is

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 Guess what? It's their favorite too!

For breakfast, her son/law Jack made her French toast with fruit inside it. He wasn't home when I called as he's a volunteer basketball coach and his team was playing at Baldwin Wallace in Berea, Ohio. There are so many colleges in Ohio.

I wanted to leave Ohio to go to college so I went to Goddard in Plainfield VT.

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Selma is 98, born in 1918. I love hearing her midwestern accent with the long vowels. She had to get off the phone b/c Linda's daughter Stacey was calling.

The snow is encrusted here and is not going away. I've gotta decide if I wanna work at Symphony Manor tomro. They haven't paid me in two months. What I'll do is I'll talk to the person who sends out the checks. Previously I had wrin a letter to the CEO Oliver someone.

I did make it over to nap with Scott. Somehow the subject of groundhogs came up. We of course have a
ground hog dining at our compost heap, but not now. They hibernate.

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As far as cuteness goes, the babies are cute, but not the parents. My opinion.

Wait a minute! Just heard the voice of God.



Sipping on my peppermint tea
my mind reels with a
new revelation.

We know that the Lenni-Lenape
lived on these grounds hundreds
of years ago

When we've all gone to Mars
archeologists will one day
find their graves, many
dead of small pox, and
their kitchen middens
with the hardened remains
of their pipe-smoking pow-wows.
How they loved to eat, like
we do.

Pemmican, their junk food.

You've heard of Punxatawny
Phil. Ground hog towns
are laid out six feet
below us. When I go outside
to the compost heap, they
hear my footfalls in their
sleep, dreaming of
the leafy spring and
surcease of freezing
weather and how delicious
my brown egg shells,
lemon rinds and gizzards
will be.

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