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A Day of Triumph for Donald John Trump - Poem: Prayer for Being a Grown Up - Poem: Thank you Henny Penny

INAUGURATION DAY, January 20, 2017

Woke up with the TV blaring. There was Judy Woodruff and her gang ready to report on the Inauguration.

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Darn! I wasn't ready. Had just woken up. Needed to do my back exercises so it wouldn't ache. Quickly I hit the floor, while watching the TV, and did a few.

Then ran downstairs to make my b fast. In my haste, I dreamed up something new. On a bed of cold spinach from the fridge - and cheese - I put two scrambled eggs - then sprinkled black pepper on it.

Am not entirely happy with the below poem. Skip passed it to get my opinion of Trump.


Yesterday morning I ate breakfast
at the newly reopened Terminal
Luncheonette. Recovered from
burns suffered in a basement fire.

As I crunched lovingly
on a piece of buttered rye
and stared at the sea of people - and
what a sea it was! - blacks and whites
thrown in together, people with missing
teeth, huge smiles, an entire table
beaming with joy as the waitress - or
should I say Princess? - placed their
hot steaming meals before them

Was it my imagination that an older gent
had ordered oatmeal? Wish I'd
thought of that. Median age: 64.
Median income: $14 an hour.
Green Eagles sweatshirts, fat-man
bellies leading the way to the table
on the new tile floor.

One child was there. Only one.
9 years old. Came with Mom-Mom.
Good looking kid, liked to smile
A true smile I dunno - or one to
please his companion, who had
curly red hair I saw from behind.

Scooping up my yellow scrambled eggs
mixed with grits, like paint on a
palette, dotted with sweet-smelling
black pepper, I thought, These
people voted for Trump!

It was just a thought drifting
thru the room like wisps of
pink cotton candy, but I clung
to it. It pleased me. And the
adult in me promised to give
Trump a chance.

I'd start anew, yes, a clean
start, smooth as the scrambled
eggs and grits sliding down
my throat, smooth as lemon
meringue pie.

And we shall overcome.

Image result for lemon meringue pie   Why is my mouth watering? Was just thinking that even for this person w diabetes it's too sweet.

With my breakfast in bed, I intently watching Trump being sworn in.

If the people want change and a new voice and new dialog, they've got it.

As Scott said, Where have you ever heard a Prez talking about factory workers and their lack of jobs? Or the millions of lives wrecked b/c of lack of education and all the crime in inner city schools.

So many promises!

As Robert Frost wrote - hold on, lemme look it up -  

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,   
But I have promises to keep,   
And miles to go before I sleep,   
And miles to go before I sleep.
Woke up early this a m.... quickly hit the floor for the ache.... then dressed for the weather - PJ tops, light pants (too tired to change) and sneakers - coat, gloves and all important scarf - and walked around the block.

Noticed as I do so that I'm not a slow walker. To me I'm a fast walker, tho most people walk faster than me.


I crack the thin shell
of the brown egg which
sizzles as it goes
into the pan

Knowing nothing about
politics hunger poverty
or the plight of the

Henny Penny struts, head
held high, across the green
fields of Pennsylvania,
chaste as a nun, then plops
another egg onto the ground

She looks above at the grey
foggy sky and with a long-
remembered voice, she wonders
Is the sky falling?

To overcome her dread, she
joins her companions and
keeps her head down.

Pete Souza was the official White House Photographer for President Obama. Take a look at a selection of his photos by Time Mag.

Thank you. I think I will.

“President-elect Barack Obama was about to walk out to take the oath of office. Backstage at the U.S. Capitol, he took one last look at his appearance in the mirror,”Jan. 20, 2009.
Obama is about to take the Oath of Office in 2009.

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